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Astral Chain: How To Beat Akira-Legion Fusion

Channel a new level of power.

by Dean James


After finally finding Brenda in the sewers in Astral Chain’s 10th File, Akira shows up and tries to talk to you without the commander. Things quickly go south though and she ends up in the same state that you did in File 09, so now it’s your turn to try and save Akira in a fight.

When the fight first starts, there is absolutely nothing you can do to deal damage. Regardless of what you try, her health bar just won’t go down at all. Instead, just focus on dodging all the attacks that you can until a cutscene kicks in that allows you to channel your Legion form as well.

Once you have transformed, this becomes a whole new ball game. At this point, go right after Akira and attack, attack, and attack. Mix some dodges in as well, but mostly just attack.

At some point Akira will jump to the background to where you can’t hit her anymore and fire projectiles at you. Just worry about dodging these until she returns to the arena. When she is back on the actual battlefield, use the same strategy as above to take her out.

When you get her health down low enough, a cutscene will happen that triggers you to rapidly press ZL and ZR together. Do this for as long as the prompt appears on screen and the fight will end.

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