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Astral Chain: How To Beat Akira

Calm her down.

by Dean James


Finding clones of yourself everyone and beginning to question if you might be one too is enough to make anyone go crazy, which is the case with Akira near the end of Astral Chain. After fighting off clones of her all throughout the level, now it is time to fight her again. The goal here is not to kill her though, but to try and calm her down and bring her back to normal. That can only be done by trying to actually knock some sense into her.

Having the same training and some of the abilities as you, Akira is quite the tough fighter here. You can definitely deal some damage in close combat, but she’s also going to deal a lot of damage to you in the process as well.

Akira is also really fast, making is hard to bind her with your Astral Chain when combined with having to deal with her Legion as well. However, that is going to be the strategy you’re going to want to go with here if you can, as she will stay confined for multiple seconds and you can really deal a lot of damage in the meantime. If you go with this strategy, this fight shouldn’t last too long.

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