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Astral Chain: How To Beat Arm Nemesis

Defeat to obtain your third Legion.

by Dean James


While playing through File 04 and making your way through Ark Mall, you’ll come across a number of new enemies. The area leads you to another fight against a Legion that you need to save, this time your third. This guide will give some strategies for how you can take down Arm Nemesis in Astral Chain.

One of the key aspects of Ark Mall are the abundance of sticky and gooey areas that can slow you down to a near halt. These are sometimes placed already and other times spit out by enemies. For this boss fight that is one on one with Arm Nemesis, there battlefield is already littered with this sticky goo, which plays a big part in the battle.

Arm Nemesis overall is a little tougher battle than the previous Legion battles, mostly due to the sticky floor. As always, try to start off the fight by trying to trap Arm Nemesis in your Astral Chain, which will leave it stunned.

This is the perfect opportunity to not only use your IRIS to look at its health, but also dish out some damage. Most past battles have relied on you just doing the trap attack once and then mostly going in for the attacks afterwards. However, the sticky floor has altered the strategy here.

Instead, you are going to want to consistently utilize this technique to stun Arm Nemesis and then really go after it with its attack. It’s also not a bad idea to utilize your Arrow Legion in this fight so that you can shoot from afar across the sticky areas after getting knocked back.

Before too long, you should take care of Arm Nemesis’ health and you will be prompted to press A to Bind with the Legion to save it and now add Arm Legion to your moveset.

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