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Astral Chain: How To Beat Enceladus

Your first real challenge.

by Dean James


Following the fight with Briareos in Astral Chain, you might be feeling probably confident in your skills. You soon find out he wasn’t the chimera you were tracking though, with another much stronger chimera waiting in the wings. That chimera is named Enceladus and this guide will detail how you can take him down.

Enceladus is certainly not as easy to beat as Briareos, who followed a pretty regular pattern and could be dodged easily. This time around, you will have to use more of your Astral Chain specific skills to take him down in tandem with your Legion.

Almost as soon as you start the fight, you will notice that Enceladus will put out a stream showing the direction he’s about to move towards. If you remember your training, this means you need to use your Legion to help trip up the chimera via your Astral Chain.

To do this, summon your Legion and put it on the other side of the path Enceladus is about to take. This will cause him to run into your chain itself and then can be thrown down and stunned. At this point, run up to him and lay into him while your Legion also does the same. Do not try to stay away and fire with your gun here, as that won’t really do that much damage in comparison, especially since you can deal damage up close and personal here while he is stunned.

One dangerous attack to watch out for is when he smacks the ground and knocks you down, followed by bringing down objects from the sky that can deal good damage. Try your best to evade these if you can. A little later in the fight he will then start shooting projectiles right down at you and shooting laser beams that you really need to avoid as well.

The key here is to follow the pattern of using your Astral Chain to trip up and stun Enceladus, avoid his attacks until he lets you trip him up again, and rinse and repeat.

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