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Astral Chain: How To Beat Kelaino

Take a trip into the Astral Plane mid-fight.

by Dean James


There are many different types of strategies you can employ against most enemies in the game, but there are also some that require specific strategies to take down. A good example of the latter is that of Kelaino, the flying chimera that makes it very difficult for you to hit it. This guide will detail what you need to do to land some hits on Kelaino in Astral Chain.

You already know that Kelaino is going to be trouble as soon as it flies in to start the fight. Unless you’re using the Arrow Legion to try and use projectile attacks, which is not an easy task here, it’s going to be near impossible to land attacks on Kelaino at the start.

The boss will attack you with multiple diving attacks, as well as a big tornado that can be hard to avoid. You need to dodge its attacks until it sends a laser stream forward that indicates that it’s going to charge at you. As with other enemies that do this, you need to have you and your Legion on opposite sides of the stream, so that Kelaino will run into your Astral Chain when it charges in that direction.

When Kelaino hits your Astral Chain, you will throw it and stun it, which allows you to really deal some good damage. It should also be hovering more towards the ground right after, allowing you to get more attacks.

After you take off about 1/3 of Kelaino’s health, it will grab you and take you into the Astral Plane. At this point, you not only have to face it, but also a number of flying chimera as well. These chimera are what you want to take down first, with it recommended you use your Arrow Legion and its Legion Action while focusing to slow down time and take them out.

Kelaino will continue to barrage you with attacks, which include flapping its wings to blow you away while throwing projectiles at you and once again creating the tornado again. Your only real plan of attack here is to use the same strategy as you did to take down the smaller chimera, using the Arrow Legion Action with focus slowing down time.

Eventually Kelaino will bring out more minions to distract you, so just get rid of them again and keep going after it until it is defeated. This is definitely a very tedious fight, but not that hard in the long run.

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