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Astral Chain: How To Beat Kronos

Should have stayed out of the sewers.

by Dean James


While on a rescue mission for Brenda, you’ll find yourself making your way through the sewers in a series of stealth sections to avoid detection. Eventually you’ll come across a new boss fight against a chimera named Kronos that you have to defeat to keep looking for Brenda.

When you first run into Kronos, Hal will tell you and Olive to run away and escape from him. This sequence has you moving across platforms to get away from him, making sure to crouch behind walls at the correct moments. You will then find a wall you must use Arm Legion to open, which leads into the fight directly.

It’s a good thing that you just had to get out Arm Legion, as it is going to be the one you want to use in this fight. As we had with a previous boss, you must use Arm Legion to break down the bubble shield surrounding Kronos. The beset method to do this is to press L to do the Legion Action for Arm Legion and smack it around.

Once the bubble is destroyed, Kronos really doesn’t have that much in the way of protection, so keep attacking it directly while merged with your Arm Legion. As long as you avoid its fire smash attack, you should be able to take it down without too much problem.

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