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Astral Chain: How to Change Akira’s Design

Not as customizable as the player character.

by Dean James


Astral Chain puts you in control of what is known as the Player, who you get to name whatever you want right at the start. The lead also has a twin named Akira that will be playing a major role alongside you in the game, but there are some decisions to be made that alter the character. This guide will explain what can be changed with Akira and how to force these changes in Astral Chain.

As shown off in the trailers for the game, the player character was a male and Akira was a female. However, that is not the way it has to be in the game. At the beginning of Astral Chain you have the option to select between a male or female player character. If you select the male option, Akira will be a female in the game. However, if you select a female player character at the start, Akira will actually be a male.

It is definitely interesting that the game chose to have a brother and sister duo regardless of which gender you select for your character, with your choice deciding the other for Akira.

As your twin, there is another design option that is altered depending on how you design your player. When you pick a skin color for your main character, that will automatically change the skin color for Akira as well. Changing hair and eye color will not affect this though, as the only physical properties that can be manipulated for Akira are gender and skin color in Astral Chain.

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