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Astral Chain: How To Eavesdrop on Conversations

Find out information you need to know.

by Dean James


One of the central elements of Astral Chain is that of the Legions, partners that help you in battle and allow you to see enemies you wouldn’t otherwise be able to see. Legion are not just useful in battle, but in a number of other ways as well. One of these somewhat surprisingly is with eavesdropping and this guide will explain just how you can do this.

There are times in Astral Chain where there are people that do not want to cooperate with your investigation and won’t provide you with the information that you need. Fortunately, you can eavesdrop on their conversations regardless with the use of your Legion.

Considering most other people cannot see your Legion, sending them to listen in on conversations is the way to learn what you need to know. To do this, summon your Legion by pressing ZL as always. Then move your Legion towards the people you want to eavesdrop on by holding ZL and moving the right analog stick.

Once you have your Legion positioned right next to the people you are trying to listen in on, continue to hold down ZL and press A. This will allow you to hear exactly what they are saying in private without them knowing.

The Legion have multiple uses outside of battle, so knowing how to use them effectively is a major help in Astral Chain.

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