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Astral Chain: How To Lock On To Enemies

Very important to survive in battle.

by Dean James


PlatinumGames is always known for their combat first and foremost and Astral Chain is no different. The game features fast moving gameplay where you are facing multiple enemies at once. This means having a lock on system is very important, and this guide will explain how you can use it during battle in Astral Chain.

Regardless of the weapon type you are using, you can lock onto enemies while fighting enemies in the game. To lock onto a nearby enemy, simply press down on the right analog stick. This does not mean to move it in a downwardly direction, but to actually press in the analog stick itself. This will instantly lock onto the nearest enemy that you can then go after.

Rather than having to consistently press the right analog stick to lock onto a new enemy after killing the prior one, Astral Chain automatically switches you to the next enemy instead. This is very helpful during the hectic battles you’ll find yourself in during the game, something too few games handle in this fashion.

If you want to manually change targets instead, you can flick the right analog stick to the left or to the right to shift between the different enemies in the area. This is also helpful for switching between stronger and weaker targets in the game as well.

If you are just wanting to go in yourself and forgo locking on after activating it, you can just press the right analog down just like how you turned it on in the first place. However, you are likely going to want to keep using this ability throughout the game, as it can be very helpful.

- This article was updated on:August 31st, 2019

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