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Astral Chain: How To Recycle

Reduce, reuse, recycle.

by Dean James


Astral Chain is full of different items for you to pick up, whether its from crates, from enemies, or even just laying out on the ground. Some of these can be helpful health items and such, while others need to be recycled or salvaged. This system is a bit confusing in Astral Chain, so this guide will explain how this works in the game.

After you’ve picked up numerous items in Astral Chain, open the menu by pressing – and move to the Item heading by pressing L or R. Once you are on this screen, then use the D-Pad to move over to the subheading titled Salvage Items. These are items you have collected that you just need to recycle, but can get some good money for in return.

To go about doing this, find a vendor in the game, such as the one in the Infirmary, and speak with them. At this point, select Sell and go down the list and trade in any of the Salvage items that you have in return for money. This is actually going to become your main source of income in Astral Chain, so it’s wise to consistently do this whenever you can.


There is another form of recycling in the game as well, which come in the form of empty cans that you find throughout the game. These are typically found on the floor in the city, easily identified by having them show up on your IRIS when you’re walking around with it activated.

These empty cans are not considered salvage in the menu, but rather combat items. This is because you can technically use them as a distraction in certainly stealth sections of the game, as well as to try and catch certain cats. However, you will want to recycle the extras you are not going to use by finding the correct trash receptacles. Even though these are trash cans, these are still considered the way to recycle the cans in the game itself.

When you are at one of these trash receptacles and have cans to recycle, go up to one of them and press A when it has the Throw Away prompt on the screen. This will increase our score for the file, so doing this can be a help to your leveling up as well.

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