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Astral Chain: How To Replay Previous Files and Chapters

Replay any section of the game that you want.

by Dean James


As no big surprise to fans of previous PlatinumGames titles, Astral Chain is split into a level system that can feature rankings for each one. Each of these are known as Files, with them then being broken down further into individual chapters as well. With scoring and rankings being available for these Files, as well as higher difficulties, replaying them is something you may want to do and thankfully there is a way to do so in Astral Chain.

Similar to manual saves and changing of difficulty, we have to make our way to Neuron HQ to do this. As before, look for the PC that you can interact with in here and open it up.

After you open up the PC, you will be presented with options to scroll between. The one you want for this case is the top one known as File Select, which will then open up to all of the available Files that you have completed in the game

From here, you can select the specific File and then the chapter that you want to start at within that File as well. This selection screen will also break down your prior performance on the stage, including the number of items found and a side case checklist.

Having this feature allows you to go back and replay the areas you want later, which is always a nice feature to have in a game like this.

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