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Astral Chain: How To Survive Motorcycle Sequences

One hell of an introduction to the game.

by Dean James


After creating your character to use in Astral Chain, you will be thrust onto a motorcycle in a sequence that is very fast paced. You have some moves at your disposal though and this guide will explain what you can do while on the motorcycle in Astral Chain.

To start off, you will just be riding left and right down a tunnel, but quickly enemies will start appearing and you’re going to have to fight them off while also dodging their attacks. To attack enemies, hold down ZR to utilize a rapid fire projectile attack that can take down all of the enemies in front of you.

If you feel like you are taking too much damage from these enemies though, you can also dodge their attacks by pressing B to Evade. Doing this will have your character slide down to their side on the motorcycle, protecting their body from damage.

There isn’t an awful lot that you have to do in these sequences other than watch out for what is ahead of you. Obstacles will appear in the way at times alongside the enemies so weave back and forth as often as you can. Also look for ramps to launch yourself over obstacles as well.

Beyond the regular motorcycle sequences, there are also some segments where enemies appear to the side of you and the camera angle changes. Here you cannot do a straight up rapid fire, but rather bursts of shots to take down the enemies that are here.

The key overall is to keep firing anytime enemies are on screen and you should be good to go on your bike with the unlimited ammo.

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