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Astral Chain: How To Switch Between Legions

Pick the right Legion for the situation.

by Dean James


The very beginning of Astral Chain starts off pretty simply with you only having one Legion to use, which we later find out is called Sword Legion. You will start to acquire other Legion to use as well in the game, which you can switch between both in battle and out. This guide will explain how you can do just this in Astral Chain.

After you acquire your second Legion, you are able to switch between them at most anytime. You cannot do this in Neuron HQ, but can during your various missions. This can be useful to have the right Legion out for a second fight or to use them to perform tasks outside of battle as well.

To switch between your Legion, hold Y down and a wheel will come up that lets you pick between up to the five total Legion that you can get. To switch to a different one, move the left analog stick while you still have Y held down and release Y when on top of the one you want.

There is a default order for the Legion on the wheel based on the order that you find them. However, you can also change these if you so choose, even if there isn’t much reason to do so. To do this, open the pause menu by pressing – and use L or R to scroll to the Legion heading. Now select Reorganize and you can move them around the wheel and slot them anywhere you want here.

Each Legion has their own abilities to use outside of battle, so you will definitely be switching back and forth between them. Knowing how to do this is very important and is something you need to always remember how to do.

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