Babylon’s Fall: How to Change Classes

Find out how to change classes in Babylon's Fall with this handy guide

by Shaun Cichacki
Babylon's Fall Character Select

Babylon’s Fall offers three unique classes at the beginning of your game, to allow you to create the Sentinel that you deserve to be. Offering character customization, you’ll be able to craft a player with a likeness of your choosing, and begin your adventure.

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However, what happens if you get tired of your current playstyle, and want to switch things up to a different class? We’ll walk you through how to change your class in Babylon’s Fall with our handy guide.

How to Change Classes in Babylon’s Fall

Unfortunately, there is no current way to change your class, but don’t fret too much! You’ll be able to select a class that offers skills that you like, be it the fast-paced Swordsmanship of the Huysian class, or the powerful hammer blows of the Agavian class, and build from there.


Any class can use any weapon, so if you’d like to learn the Magical skills that the Gelelion class has to showcase, you’ll be able to do just that. Your character class selection is more for the skills that you will utilize through your playthrough, so if you want to specialize in swordsmanship, you’ll want the quick and deadly Huysian class. You’ll be able to purchase and earn new weapons for all classes, such as long-bows, hammers, and swords that can be equipped to your character, no matter the class you choose. 

However, each class does have unique abilities, and if you are looking to test those out for yourself, unfortunately, you would have to create a new character. There is no current way to transfer your current character to a new class, but that may be something that is added in the future, as Square Enix has a detailed roadmap planned for the game’s foreseeable future.

Creating a character is an easy process, and you’ll be able to select and play as any of them without the worry of overwriting your current character, and any special content, such as the Digital Deluxe DLC, will flow over onto those newly created characters. You’ll be looking spiffy as you try out the skills of a new class, and if you’re playing the game with friends, you’ll be able to level up quickly and not fall behind the pack. 

Babylon’s Fall will be released for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC on March 3rd, with owners of the Digital Deluxe Edition able to play early on February 28th.

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