Back 4 Blood: Best Ways to Earn Supply Points Fast

Quickly buy out the Supply Lines and be Nightmare ready

by Elliott Gatica


Back 4 Blood has a single type of currency— Supply Points— that is needed to basically unlock everything. Of course, the items that are most sought out are the cards. They’re the backbone of creating some really fun builds and synergies with the eight Cleaners in the game. Here are the optimal ways of acquiring Supply Points so you can buy out the Supply Lines quickly.

Best ways to earn Supply Points fast in Back 4 Blood

Aim for accomplishments

Accomplishments in Back 4 Blood are basically milestones. Some of these accomplishments range from completing a campaign chapter or act for the first time, finding a secret, or killing a number of Ridden with a certain weapon class. Currently, there are 144 accomplishments in the game, though not all of them reward you with Supply Points.

If you are a player just starting out, you’ll be receiving a generous amount of SP to start off your Back 4 Blood career by just going through the campaign online. Unfortunately, that will only help you buy out a few Supply Lines, but’s better than nothing.


Play the game on higher difficulties

This method may be tougher for many, given that the difference in difficulty from Recruit to Veteran is a steep one. Take this method on only if you have a somewhat competent team of Cleaners with decent voice communication. Callouts, coordination, and self-restraint are going to be a must so you don’t all shoot each other or find yourselves in unwinnable battles.

Playing on the Veteran difficulty will net you double of what you’d normally be making on Recruit, so it’ll start to look more enticing the longer you play. With higher risk comes higher rewards. Plus, this will help prepare you for the Nightmare difficulty and new content down the line via the Annual Pass.


Grind the fast missions

This is a decent method to use if you don’t mind possibly burning out or playing in bursts. You earn a set amount of Supply Points by completing missions. For those who aren’t aware, Back 4 Blood has a lot of missions, but some are rather extremely short in length. They’re so short that at times, I even find myself saying “that’s it?”

Some of the shortest missions in Back 4 Blood are The Sound of Thunder from Act 1 and Heralds of the Worm Part 1 from Act 2. These missions can be completed in under five minutes each with a competent team who focuses mostly on firepower and enemy clearing.

For The Sound of Thunder, you’ll want a Karlee to be able to load up the Howitzer fast. The other three teammates can alternate bringing the shells to the objective faster between reloading the artillery cannon. They’ll also have to fend off the Ridden while the objective is being played so the run will go smoother.


As for the Heralds of the Worm Part 1 mission, your team just has to mow down the initial Ogre that spawns and clear a majority of the Ridden. Run over to the Safe House just up ahead and to the left to clear the mission.

Just note that Turtle Rock did reduce the amount of Supply Points earned from these two missions in particular, given that these instances became more popular compared to every other place in Back 4 Blood.


Play the PvP

While people mostly get these types of games to blast through hordes of zombies with their friends, there is definitely a Supply Point incentive to play the PvP. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea to alternate between the Ridden and the Cleaners in a best-of-three match. This mode is serviceable for those who want to take a break from playing the actual campaign.


Just play the game normally

This is a bit of backhanded remark to people who want to speed through everything in Back 4 Blood. Playing the game without aiming to complete everything helps prevent burnout. Wanting to maximize currency gains can be tiring. If you just jump into a match or set up a session with some friends, fun times will be had. At the end of a good hour-long session, you would have racked up a good amount of Supply Points to perhaps buy out one entire line or at least close to one, given that your session was fully completed.


Back 4 Blood is out now on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S/X, and PC via Steam and Epic Games. To check out additional content like guides, news, and a review of the game, click here.

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