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Back 4 Blood Supply Lines Explained: How to Earn Supply Points and Unlock Rewards

Be up to speed with Supply Points and their uses
Back 4 Blood

One of the better aspects of Back 4 Blood is that it doesn’t have a convoluted economy system to add onto the possibly confusing card system. There are two sets of currencies in this game. One is through your in-game progress called Copper. The other one outside of campaign instances is called Supply Points. Here are the uses of Supply Points, along with how to earn more of them.

What are Supply Points used for?


These points are used to purchase items like cosmetics and new cards. So, to actually spend Supply Points, make your way towards Chenda, the Supply Lines vendor. She’s located right before the shooting range. Alternatively, you can press the button or key that you use to bring up your backpack to access the menu. Make your way to the Supply Lines tab and you’ll be there.

You’ll notice that there are a few routes of Lines to choose from. All are themed with different cards and cosmetics. If you buy all the items in a specific line, a new one will come up with more cards and cosmetics. Of course, you’d want to buy into the line that has items that are catered toward the characters you play.

The only restriction in this case is that if you see an item you like in particular, you have to buy all the items that come before it.


How to earn Supply Points in Back 4 Blood

Since you’d ideally want to expand your card inventory and kill the Ridden in style, you’re going to need these Supply Points to do so. Fortunately, they come racking in at a decent rate when you look at the prices for items at the Supply Lines.

The first way, obviously, is to play the game’s campaign and complete missions. Though, you do have to play it online. Playing the Back 4 Blood campaign on the Solo Campaign mode does not net you Supply Points or Accomplishments. You actually have go onto Quickplay or Campaign to do so (it is a bit of a bummer).


Playing the campaign on the Recruit difficulty nets you about 25 to 40 Supply Points a mission. Playing on the Veteran difficulty would give you nearly double of that. On the Nightmare difficulty, you’d get 50% more of what you’d receive from Veteran.

The neat thing is, if you’re a first-time player going through the campaign on the Recruit difficulty, you’re going to unlock a handful of accomplishments along the way. For every chapter you beat from an act, you’ll receive 150 Supply Points. Act 1 has four chapters in it, so after completing it, you would have received a bonus of 800 Supply Points. The extra 200 would come from earning the Act 1 Recruit Accomplishment that nets you 200 SP.


This is where the next reliable source of Supply Points comes from. Earning Accomplishments gives you bonus SP. Not all of them reward you with it, but you know which ones will because the game will indicate what you get for completing them. They are a one-time source of SP, but that does give you the incentive to aim for certain milestones and aiming for higher difficulties.

Back 4 Blood is out now for Ultimate Edition users. The game will be available for everyone else on October 12, 2021. It is on the PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S/X, and PC via Steam and Epic Games. To check out additional content like news, guides, and an upcoming review of the game, click here.

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