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Back 4 Blood: Best Weapons in the Game

With these guns, you will have the deadliest arsenal.
Back 4 Blood best weapons

Back 4 Blood features a wide array of weapons, and you are going to want the best ones on you when you face the Ridden. Each of the guns in the game come with their own strengths and weaknesses which make them suited to specific scenarios. The following five guns are some of the best you can get your hands on in Back 4 Blood.

The Best Weapons in Back 4 Blood


A tried and tested rifle, the AK-47 will get you out of most hairy situations. It has a reasonably high damage rate and is accurate enough to be of use in both close quarters and medium-range situations.

The Scar is also a good choice for a rifle, but it has higher recoil.


Sometimes you just need a weapon with great power to clear the trenches when going through corridors and other narrow areas. For that, you will need a good shotgun. The AA12 automatic shotgun will be your best bet. It inflicts moderate damage and reloads fast. While it will not be useful at long distances, it is the perfect weapon to pull out when the Ridden are in your face.

If the AA12 is not to your liking, the 870 Express is also a fantastic shotgun.

Barrett M-95

For your long-distance needs, nothing beats a good sniper rifle. The Barrett M-95 stands out for the incredible amount of damage it can do, which more than makes up for its slow fire rate. This gun is not just the best sniper rifle, it is also one of the best guns overall in Back 4 Blood.

For a better fire rate and handling at the cost of lower damage per shot, you can go with the Phoenix 350L instead.

Desert Eagle

Although they do not get as much love as the bigger weapons, pistols are also an important part of any loadout. The Desert Eagle deals a high amount of damage, allowing you to make the Ridden drop dead quickly. This is in part due to the fact that it takes sniper ammo. Although it can be hard to control, its deadliness makes it a must-have.


In the light machine gun (LMG) category, the M249 stands out. It controls well for an LMG, thanks to its high accuracy and handling. Although it has relatively low damage, its high capacity and rate of fire make it an excellent gun to have in spray-and-pray situations.

The RPK is also a good LMG with higher firepower, though it has lower accuracy and higher recoil.

Back 4 Blood drops on the 12th of October 2021. It is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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