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Back 4 Blood: Can You Remove Attachments?

Go for full customization in your loadout

Back 4 Blood has a roguelike system where each time you play the game, it’s different every time. You’ll have different loadouts and get weapons of different types. It’ll be rare if you pick up a weapon at the same exact spot you did from 2 runs ago. The same applies for attachments on your weapons, which is really important in the grand scheme of things.

Weapon attachments are things like stocks, grips, and sights. You won’t always find the same attachments in the same places either. This is the random aspect of the game that coincides with the roguelike elements in Back 4 Blood. However, there is one particular question that is asked.

Can you remove attachments for your weapons in Back 4 Blood?

The short answer to this is yes, but with a huge caveat. You can in fact, remove attachments for your weapons, but you can’t just do it to return a weapon back to its base attachments. Say you have a magazine that you want to swap out and put onto another gun with better stats; you can’t.


You’ll theoretically have to have another magazine attachment in your vicinity with the gun you want to swap to. Then, with the gun you want to replace with the new one, swap the magazine attachment and drop the current one you have. Finally, grab the new weapon you want to put that old attachment onto, and then equip it.

It’s a bit of an oversight that you can’t remove attachments without having those that can replace them. You’ll have to mostly stick with what you have and abandon them almost entirely when another weapon comes around. Unless you want to take your chances with the scenario I painted above, that’s the only way you can do that right now.

Back 4 Blood is currently out for early access via the Ultimate Edition. It will be out for people who buy the Standard edition on October 12, 2021. It is on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S/X, and PC via Steam and Epic Games. To check out additional details about the game like news, guides, and an upcoming review, click here.

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