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Back 4 Blood: Doc Guide

Get the most out of this fierce combat medic

Back 4 Blood currently has eight characters who all play a unique role. You’ve got snipers, gunners, brawlers, and supports. But of course, every group needs a medic. Fortunately, Doc fills that role. She plays no games when it comes to making sure everyone gets out alive.

What role does Doc play in Back 4 Blood?

Doc is a combat medic first and foremost. It’s in her name and her aesthetic. But don’t let her uniform fool you, she can stand her ground against the Ridden. She’s a godsend in various cases thanks to her healing capabilities for herself and her allies. If you like to play the medic/healer role in class-based games, first of all, thank you. Secondly, this is your role.

Doc’s abilities

  • Doc can heal each team mate for 25 health once per level
  • +20% healing efficiency
  • Team Effect: +25% team trauma resistance

The best weapons to use for Doc

Doc can make use of any weapon. She isn’t the type to specialize in any kind of weapon class per se, but should take team composition into consideration. You’d want to use her weapons that are used in similar ranges to her teammates so she can always be close by to patch them up.

If she’s paired up with people with ranged loadouts, she should use weapons like assault rifles and maybe a long-ranged pistol. Of course, if she’s with mid-range to close quarters folks, she’ll change loadouts accordingly.


The best cards to equip for Doc

Doc is a healer and has an increased healing efficiency. Meds that she uses on herself or other team mates is a lot more potent than if they were to patch themselves up. Pair that with the fact that she provides a flat resistance to trauma damage. She basically gives the team more damage resistance.

Reflex Cards

  • Rousing Speech
  • Combat Medic
  • Medical Expert
  • Miraculous Recovery
  • Screwdriver
  • Multitool
  • Headband Magnifier
  • Stimulants

Discipline Cards

  • Antibiotic Ointment
  • EMT Bag
  • Field Surgeon
  • Inspiring Sacrifice
  • Charitable Soul
  • Hunker Down
  • Avenge the Fallen
  • Down in Front!
  • Poultice
  • Group Therapy
  • Medical Professional
  • Support Scavenger
  • Experienced EMT

Brawn Cards

  • Scar Tissue
  • Overwatch
  • Chemical Courage

Fortune Cards

  • Saferoom Recovery

For additional guides and information regarding Back 4 Blood, you can click here. The game will come out on October 12, 2021 on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S/X, and PC via Steam and Epic Games.

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