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Back 4 Blood Golden Skull Locations

Where to get all ten golden skulls

Back 4 Blood is a game that heavily boasts itself on its replayability aspect. However, with a game that’s replayable, there has to be some secret collectibles or Easter eggs along the way. If you’re a person who aims for gamer score or trophies, this is the guide for you. Here, we’ll go over all the Golden Skull locations in the game.

All the Golden Skull Locations in Back 4 Blood

This guide will show you roughly where each Golden Skull is. However, if you are confused by the wording, the game classifies them as Secrets. There are ten different Skulls/Secrets in the game. Each one will be labeled according to their achievement/trophy/accomplishment name depending on your platform of choice.


Port Man Toe?

  • Location: Act 1
  • Chapter: The Devil’s Return
  • Mission: The Crossing

As you make your way towards the docked Ferry. Make your way in the vessel, but go to the bottom most part of the boat. You’ll see an open area that faces the bridge you just crossed. At the open area should be a rusty orange cargo apparatus that you can walk on. On one of the corners of this platform, you’ll see the first Golden Skull tucked in there.


Bell Hop

  • Location: Act 1
  • Chapter: Search and Rescue
  • Mission: Book Worms

When you’re scouring the area for more survivors, you’ll come across the hotel where you have to blow up the door with the gas canisters to get in. Make your way up from the initial basement entrance to the first floor. Directly across from the stairs you took to get to the first floor will be an office. There’s a laptop and a vacant wooden chair at a desk. Look beneath the desk to find the second Golden Skull.


Pallet Cleanser

  • Location: Act 1
  • Chapter: The Dark Before the Dawn
  • Mission: Special Delivery

Just before the Safe House, search the tops of the pallets in the area. This Skull is on top of a pallet right next to a forklift. The Skull will be accompanied by some bleach bottles.


Easily Mist

  • Location: Act 1
  • Chapter: Blue Dog Hollow
  • Mission: Hell’s Bells

Make your way through the marshy, foggy forest. This one will be obtainable in the area before the tool shed. Climb on top of cliffs that are in the middle of the explorable areas. On the top of the steepest cliff will be this Golden Skull. It’s cheekily hidden between some shrubs and a tree, so it may blend in.


Cooped Up

  • Location: Act 2
  • Chapter: The Armory
  • Mission: A Call to Arms

Once you make your way out of the parking structure, go to the rightmost part of the area. Ignore the makeshift bridge into the other houses. Go around the edge until you hit a garden with some plants. There will be some shed in the garden where the next Skull will be. It’s behind a metal fence, but you can still interact with it.


Dangerous To Go Alone

  • Location: Act 2
  • Chapter: Plan B
  • Mission: Hinterland

When you get to the underpass with the big arch bridge, backtrack to the waterfall behind you. Walk into the waterfall and the Skull should be right there.



  • Location: Act 2
  • Chapter: Job 10:22
  • Mission: Grave Danger

You should tackle this before taking on any of the Snitchers. From the safe house, run quickly to the graveyard section of the map on the right side. You’ll come across a tomb that you can go inside of just at the rightmost corner. When you go inside, look around in the left corner. The Skull should be laying right next to a turtle plushie.


Night of the Living Hedge

  • Location: Act 3
  • Chapter: Dr. Rogers’ Neighborhood
  • Mission: Garden Party

Once you reach the greenhouse and the hedge maze, make your way through to get to the Safe House as usual. Except, instead of going up to the objective, there’s a route after you reach the end that, if followed, will lead you to the Golden Skull of this level.


Extra Credit

  • Location: Act 3
  • Chapter: Remnants
  • Mission: Making the Grade

Upon exiting the gymnasium, you’ll be on the rooftop of the school building. Make your way towards the end of the mission, but hug the rightmost part are you’re going along. You’ll find a random blue and yellow tent. The Skull is right in there.

Mind Your Step

  • Location: Act 4
  • Chapter: The Abomination
  • Mission: The Abomination

After destroying the mouth weak spots and you’re in the narrow bridge section with three paths, you’ll have time to destroy the Body Weakspots. Carefully make your way across the middle bridge and make a right. The last Skull is in a crevice at the end of the walkway.

For more guides and information on Back 4 Blood, click here. The game is out now on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series S/X, and PC via Steam and Epic Games.

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