Battlefield 2042: How to Disable Crossplay

Want to disable crossplay in Battlefield 2042?

by Gordon Bicker


Battlefield 2042 is now released and fans are diving into the expansive warzones filled to the brim with new experiences to be had and new modes to conquer. Players are working towards the max rank and once again involving themselves in the community as people work together to make the best Battlefield experience come to fruition. Crossplay is fully supported in Battlefield 2042 and with this being true some players will be wanting to keep only playing with the people on their specific platform. In turn, some players will be wanting to know how to disable Battlefield 2042 crossplay and this article will tell you how to do that.

What Does Battlefield 2042 Crossplay Allow?

The crossplay functionality allows players across all available platforms that the experience is released on to play together. Halo Infinite has similar crossplay functionality and this has been met with both joy and likewise some players wanting to simply disable the features as they prefer to not play crossplay.

Crossplay is the future of gaming’s multiplayer components as can be seen with the vast increase of games inserting the feature into their respective multiplayer modes. The barriers being removed between platform highlights the importance of innovating upon past online systems and creating new exciting branches by playing with others on separate platforms.

How to Disable Battlefield 2042 Crossplay

Firstly, in order to start the process of disabling the crossplay, notably, boot up the game and enter the ‘settings’ menu. Once you are in the settings, navigate to the ‘general’ section and move/scroll down until you see ‘Cross-play’ and press it or click it to disable the crossplay. You now will only be playing with people from your specific platform.

Now you can start earning currency such as Dark Market Credits all while playing with those on the same platform.

Will you be disabling crossplay this month in Battlefield 2042?

Battlefield 2042 is available now for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Steam, and PC.

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