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Battlefield 4 Phantom Camo Unlocks Guide

by William Schwartz


A new batch of challenges for Battlefield 4 have been discovered, and completing them will give you the ability to use the Phantom Camo on your soldiers, vehicles, and weapons. It’s another part of the Phantom series of challenges, which hidden in the game.

To complete the challenges for the Phantom Camo in Battlefield 4, you’ll need to complete the new Phantom Trainee Challenge, which is done by following the same path as the Phantom Prospect. Before you get started, you’ll want to make sure you’ve already completed the Phantom Prospect Challenges as well.


Visit the Battlefield 4 Leaderboards on , and click the small skull on the bottom left of the page. After waiting through some brief text, you’ll enter the password: “EPIC DREAM WORLDS”. You’ll need to be a Battlefield Premium Member to access the content. After entering the password, you’ll find a new message that says “Unlock phase 2 completed. Welcome to the Phantom Program… Stand by for further instructions.” Heading into your Assignments, you’ll find a new assignment for the Phantom Trainee.

To complete the Phantom Trainee award requirements and unlock the Phantom Camo, you’ll need to score 200 kills with pistols, Score 20 kills in a jet, and get 2x Shotgun Ribbons in a round.

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