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Battlefield V How to Build Fortifications

How to place sandbags and other fortifications on the map.

by William Schwartz


Building in Battlefield V is one of the new systems in the game that can help fortify a location.  Every class in the game has the ability to build reinforcement items, from sandbags and walls to bigger structures that allow you to better defend a position.

Every class automatically has the build option built into it.  There’s nothing to select in your character loadouts.  While playing the game if you pull out your hammer or building equipment (Support Class) you can build on any of the hammer icons that you find.  You can put boards up on windows, you can dig trenches, put sandbags out for cover, and much more.

To equip the building tools in Battlefield V you’re going to just push down on the d-pad.  If you’re the Assault, Medic, or Recon class your character will pull out a hammer and is somewhat limited in what they can build and how fast they can build it.  The support class will pull out a tool box and will be able to build other things like stationary weapons.

Once you’ve got the building tools equipped you can look for the hammer icons to build.  You can see a white outline of what will be built on that plot.  When you approach one of the hammer icons it will turn white.  You can then press the RT/R2 button to build and it will take longer or shorter depending on whether you are the Support Class or one of the other three.

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