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Battlefield V How to Get Gold Gun Skins

You're going to have to master your weapon.

by William Schwartz


In Battlefield V the gold gun skin is the ultimate way to deck out your gun to show that you’ve put in the time to master it.  To get gold gun skins in Battlefield V you’re going to have to do some work on the progression for specific weapons.

For whatever gun you want to unlock the gold skin for you’re going to need to play with it, a lot.  You’re going to have max out the gun level, progressing all the way to level 10.  Once you get to level 10 you’re going to unlock a series of Mastery Challenges that you need to complete to unlock pieces of the Gold Gun skin set.  Each piece will require that you do something different, depending on the weapon.

The pieces that you’ll unlock are the Gold Plated Muzzle, Handguard, Receiver, Magazine, Stock and Iron Sights.  The Gold Plated skin is classified as an Epic Skin in Battlefield V, and it’s one of the harder ones to get as you’ll need to put some time in.

Once you’ve leveled the gun to level 10, the challenges will ramp up with each one being harder than the next in the Mastery Challenges.

If you want to complete these challenges you will need to have two things.  1) You’re going to need to have leveled the weapon you want gold gun skins for to level 10.  2) You’re going to have to make the Mastery Challenge for that weapon active in the Assignments section of the main menu.  This section will show you all of the different challenges that you have unlocked.

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