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Battlefield V How to Heal

Things have changed from previous games.

by William Schwartz


Healing in the Battlefield games has always been done by using a class that has health packs that they could dispense to their teammates.  In Battlefield V healing is a little bit different as there are numerous ways to recover health while playing.  With no help from any other players you can heal yourself in Battlefield V by pressing up on the d-pad at any time.  To do this you will have to have bandages in your inventory, but you start out each match with one.

Once you press up on the d-pad you will see that your health will recover, with your health bar usually turning from red to white while refilling.

There are other ways to heal in Battlefield V though.  The Medic class can carry numerous healing items.  They can throw out bandages on the battlefield for you to pick up and use.  They can also set-up a medical crate which is a fixed healing position that a squad can use.

You’ll pick up any bandages that a Medic throws out on the battlefield if you simply run over them.

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