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Battlefield V How to Plant Explosives

Every explosive and how to use it.

by William Schwartz


Battlefield V has numerous types of explosives that can be used across the game’s different modes.  In some modes, planting explosives is an objective.  In others, planting explosives is a way to keep tanks from invading a captured area and wreaking havoc.  This guide will go down the different types of explosives in Battlefield V and how to use them.

First, let’s talk about the explosives that you can unlock for your character to use.  There are Anti-Tank Mines, Anti-Personnel Mines, and Sticky Dynamite.

Anti-Tank Mines

Anti-Tank Mines are mines that stop tanks.  These can be planted on roads and other areas where you think that a tank will try to pass.  If a tank runs over the mine it will detonate and damage the the vehicle.  Depending on the type of tank it may destroy it completely or disable it.

Anti-Tank Mines are carried by the Support Class by default, but can be unlocked for the Assault Class as well.

The anti-tank mines can be used by pressing right on the d-pad.  Once selected you can then plant the mine with the RT/R2 button.

Sticky Dynamite

The Sticky Dynamite is an explosive device that can be thrown and planted on a number of different surfaces and then remotely detonated by the player.  Sticky Dynamite can only be used by the Assault Class.

Sticky Dynamite can be used by selecting it with the right d-pad and then you’ll need to throw it and detonate it.  Throwing the Sticky Mine is done with the LT/L2 button and detonating it is done with RT/R2.

Anti-Personnel Mines

Anti-Personal Mines are essentially trip mines that can be planted in the ground.  When enemies run over them they will be detonated.  These mines are standard issue for the Recon Class, but can also be equipped by the Medic and Support classes after unlock.

Anti-personnel mines can be equipped and then used by pressing right on the d-pad.  This item can then be planted in the ground by pressing RT/R2.

Objective Mode Explosive Packs

In Grand Operations Mode there is a segment of the game where you’ll need to pick up and plant explosives.  These explosives can be picked up at the location of the explosive icon on the map.  If they are available you will see a satchel under the icon.  If they aren’t there, it means someone already picked them up.  They can be picked up by simply running over the item, and they can be planted on the objective by pressing the X/Square Button.

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