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Battlefield V How to Change Gun Sights

Enhance your view.

by William Schwartz


Battlefield V has taken weapon customization to a whole other level, but it’s not just skins that you can put on your weapons.   There are customizable scopes and sights in Battlefield V as well.  Most guns are going to give a handful of default options and then you can further customize from there in terms of what color it is.

Scopes and sights can definitely make guns feel quite different than when you are just using the default iron sights.  There are numerous sights and scopes to choose from depending on the weapon.  There are standard reticle iron sights, aperture sights, reflex sights, multi-range scopes, and more.

To change the scope or sight on your weapon of choice you’re going to need to select a gun from whatever class you want to change.  Select the weapon and then scroll down to “Customize.”  The first option you see after entering the Customization Options menu is for sights.  Select that and you can choose from whatever sights you have available for that specific weapon.

The list of sights is quite long for the weapons, but the actual scopes and sights aren’t any different in functionality.  They are just variations of the standard scopes available for a given weapon that are purely cosmetic upgrades.

Trying a different sight or scope on a weapon can make it feel entirely different.

- This article was updated on:November 9th, 2018

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