Bayonetta 3: Where to Find All Umbran Tears of Blood Animals in Chapter 2

Where are those animals hiding now?

by Kara Phillips

One of the highlights of starting a new chapter in Bayonetta 3 is taking on the responsibility of tracking down all Umbran Tears of Blood. The game hosts 39 for you to come across, so three for each chapter. However, the further you delve into the title, the more challenging tracking them down becomes. Nevertheless, if you are keen to unlock some secret side challenges on the map, hunting these animals down is essential. So read on to discover where you can find all three in Chapter 2.

How to Locate All Tears of Blood Animals for Chapter 2 in Bayonetta 3

Compared to the Tear of Blood Animals in Chapter One, those in Chapter 2 are significantly harder to find. To make matters even more challenging, they shuffle the order in which they appear compared to the first map, so you must stay on your toes if you want to find all three. While the Crow and the Cat appear in the same area you spawn, they can be pesky to catch. And as for the Toad, you will need to pay attention.

The Crow

The Crow is the first animal you will need to find in Shinjuku and can be found in the starting area where you spawn. As you walk into the center of the site, you will immediately engage in combat with various enemies, but summoning your Infernal Demons will take them down in no time. From here, head right until you reach a circular building. Climb to the top, and you will hear a crow cawing. He is perched next to the tree but will fly as soon as you get too close. Watch its flight pattern and intercept to unlock the Tear of Blood.


The Cat

Once you have collected the crow, the cat isn’t too tricky to locate. From the roof of the building where the crow was perched, face the same direction as the tree and look down the street. It’s best to summon Phantasmaraneae to clear some of the vehicles to make noticing the cat easier. Once you’ve removed the path, you will see the cat sitting on the corner of the bus stop. Much like the crow, it will flee as soon as you get near, but it will follow a square pattern around the edge of the bus station. Again, it’s best to intercept while the cat is between two corners.


The Toad

For the Toad, you must leave the starting area and push through until Verse 8. After discovering Ronin’s Shop, you will see a tall building with a circular hole in the ceiling. As you get close to the building, go left and climb on the rubble, and you will begin to hear the toad chirping. He’s pretty close to the tall building and relatively tucked away, so keep your eyes on the ground and listen out for the loud croaks as you get closer. Once you’re above him, he’s easy to spot.


Bayonetta 3 is available on Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on October 28th, 2022

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