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Below Guide: How to Catch Fish

Use your spear to catch fish in Below.

by William Schwartz


Below has survival elements, meaning that you’re going to need to be mindful of both your hunger and thirst during any given run.  However, the game provides plenty of opportunities for food, especially if you learn how to use your spear to catch fish.

While it’s not entirely straight forward, you can use the spear that you find early on in the game to catch fish at many different opportunities.  When you are near water you will often times find plenty of fish swimming around.  However, just lunging normally with your spear will not do.  You actually have to position the spear to make a downward thrust into the water to catch fish.

When you have the spear equipped if you just push the RT button it will be a forward thrusting motion.  If you hold the RT down you will hold the spear for a downward thrust into the water.  You must hold the RT and then try to get into position to spear a fish.  When you’re ready to lunge you will simply release the RT button.  Once in this animation if you release the button and miss the fish you will need to simply hold the RT to try again.  If your attempt is successful you will see a red splash of blood and then the fish meat can be picked up off of the ground.

Unfortunately, you can’t run once you get into fishing mode.  You have to move slowly to use this mechanic.  Once you’ve got this mastered you should have no problems staying well fed in Below.

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