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Below Guide: How to Fast Travel

Limited fast travel can help you get back to your lost items quickly.

by William Schwartz


In Below you’ll constantly be making your way into deeper and deeper areas of the game.  The trek down can be pretty long and dangerous, but it’s a must because not only do you drop your weapons, but you drop your lantern as well.  Thankfully there is a way to fast travel in Below and it’s basically done in between the campfires in the game.

It will cost you a bit of currency to do so.  These are the small glowing pieces that you pick up from killing enemies and it’ll cost you 25 of them to set-up the fast travel point.  The good news is that this fast travel point can be used both in the same run and after you die.

We’ve seen cases for either use, but these fires can be a very quick way to get back to your previous location if you happen to die.  When you start a campfire at any location you will see two options when interacting with it after it’s lit.  The cooking stove on the top of the overlay is for crafting, but the icon on the left is for making this area a fast travel point.

Once you do, you will be able to fast travel back to this camp when you encounter another camp in the same game or when you restart your game.  There is one big caveat here, this fast travel point can only be used once.  It can be used in different runs though.  For instance, if you set up a fast travel campfire when you get to level 4, and you die there, you will be able to fast travel back to that area.  After you use it that single time you will not be able to fast travel back to that area if you die again, unless you’ve spent the 25 points to make the camp a fast travel point again.

Any time that you have a fast travel point you will be able to travel to it from another campfire.  A new option will be created on any other campfire on the right hand side of the menu seen in the image above.  Simply select that new option an it will send you directly to the campfire that you’ve created the fast travel point at.

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