Best Ammo Mods in Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) Zombies

by J.R. Waugh
Best Ammo Mods in Modern Warfare 3 MW3 Zombies MWZ
Image: Activision

When surviving the ascending threat levels found in Urzikstan’s map in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s Zombies mode, you’ll likely have gotten the chance to enhance your guns. These enhancements in MW3 Zombies are Ammo Mods, and we’re here to tell you which ones are the best around!

The Best Ammo Mods in MW3 Zombies, Ranked

While compounding damage might easily be one of the more obvious perks of some of these mods, sometimes the tactical advantage outweighs all. In MW3 Zombies, I’ve ranked the ammo mods based on their efficiency, variety of uses, and how helpful their effects are when they kick in.

5. Dead Wire

Image: Activision

The ability to stop an enemy in their tracks and deal with arby zombies potentially a has Shock Stick-equivalent effect. While this is handy for clustered enemies, it doesn’t feel quite right, especially when you’ve got an enemy stunned prompting squad mates to unknowingly pump more rounds into them.

4. Napalm Burst

Image: Activision

You’d think that fire damage is a good thing to have in MW3 Zombies as an ammo mod, and while that’s correct, it’s also nowhere near the best option. It’s good to occasionally have the chance to have enemies take fire damage taking 10% chunks out of their health bar per second, and while this is especially helpful in the orange and red zones, they still bear down on you.

Also, you can achieve similar effects when killing a hellhound near a cluster of zombies, so this is also one of the more replaceable mods.

3. Shatter Blast

Image: Activision

I have nothing against Shatter Blast, it’s a fantastic mod that does what it sets out to do. It deals heavy explosive damage and can be great crowd control, along with helpful assurance against tougher enemies you encounter.

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If you’ve got this on a Pack-a-Punch weapon, you’ll soon be set to brave some of the toughest spots in the game, but you’ll still be prey to the RNG if it doesn’t take effect and you’re left with hordes chasing you down.

2. Cryo Freeze

Image: Activision

The main reason this ranks so highly is due to its wonderful slowing effect. With the chance to freeze and slow your enemies, Cryo Freeze is helpful for escapes from tougher zones in MW3 Zombies and is one of the most reliable ammo mod effects around.

If you’re firing into a herd of zombies bearing down on you, you can slow them down and even kill them in their frozen state, and it’s the most effective crowd control mod you can use, a precious resource in the game. However, its corresponding story mission, Brain Freeze, is a chore when the time comes to slow 10 hellhounds.

1. Brain Rot

Image: Activision

Brain Rot is wonderful in this game, turning zombies against their hordes. While it often only means you get maybe 1 zombie under your control, you’ll be shocked at just how quickly it pays off. It’s especially awesome in higher threat level areas, where you can tame even Manglers and other tough enemies to absolutely wreck face while you take control of the region.

You can take control of a zombie out of every few you kill, sit back, and watch as it does the killing for you, and it’s especially fun to add this to the Deadbolt Turrets. The best ammo mods in MW3 are the ones that not only allow you to pile on the damage, but to control the threats crowding you on the map, and turn them to your advantage.

- This article was updated on November 13th, 2023

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