MW3 Zombies How to Activate Deadbolt Turrets
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MW3 Zombies Automated Backup Guide: How to Activate Deadbolt Turrets

If you’re sailing through the challenges in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Zombies but have run into a roadblock with the Automated Backup mission, we’re here to help.

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Here’s how to activate Deadbolt Turrets with ammo mods in MW3 Zombies!

How to Activate 3 Deadbolt Turrets in MW3 Zombies

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To activate the 3 Deadbolt Turrets in MW3 Zombies, you’ll need to approach one as marked on the map, hold ‘Square’ or ‘X’, and press down on the D-pad to select a Turret Circuit. This will activate them to use against the surrounding zombies, and they work with killer efficiency if you’re looking to clear some breathing room on the map. Additionally, they can be modded with special ammo to spice things up.

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I believe it’s always worthwhile using Deadbolt turrets when you can, especially when things start to get a lot more heated as time goes on. The trickiest part is the process of gathering the materials needed to start up the turrets.

How Do You Get the Deadbolt Turret Circuits in MW3 Zombies

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You can find Turret Circuit Boards commonly at Mercenary Encampment caches and even more frequently at Mercenary Strongholds. I’ve often been able to find one or two boards at each of these locations, making this one of the easier mechanics to pick up and play. However, if you’re planning on going into Mercenary Strongholds, I recommend being prepared with the appropriate gear.

Make sure you have armor stocked up along with a pack-a-punched weapon if at all possible. The strongholds are excellent for getting loot and the circuit boards needed, but be careful if you’re by yourself.

How to Complete Automated Backup in MW3

To complete Automated Backup, you only have one objective:

  • Activate 3 Deadbolt Turrets with Ammo Mod Circuit Boards

While this sounds easy, you’ll need the ammo mod boards, and plain Turret Circuits won’t cut it. So anything like Cryo Freeze or Brain Rot Circuit Boards as shown in the above section are the only ones that will count toward this objective. After you have what you need, you can get the 3 Deadbolt Turrets active and complete the mission.

I tested this out myself, and while it was disappointing that you need these special boards, it’s one of the missions with the least amount of tedious or meticulous work (looking at you, Hellhounds objective in Freezer Burn).

Top recommendations for specific ammo mods for these turrets are largely Brain Rot and Cryo Freeze, with good chances of these being pulled off and curbing the hordes surrounding you. Brain Rot is especially good at turning the threats against themselves, saving you time, HP, and ammo.

What is the Best Turret Circuit Mod in MW3 Zombies

I personally enjoy using either Shatter Blast or Dead Wire for the ammo mod applied to Deadbolt turrets. The Shatter Blast in particular can be beautiful for watching it in action thanks to the explosive nature of the mod.

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No matter which one you decide upon, there will still be an advantage given to you over the regular ammo, so be sure to stock up on the ammo mods when you can. Now that you know how to activate 3 Deadbolt turrets in MW3 Zombies, it’s time to begin the process for yourself and gain even more experience points.

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