MW3 Zombies Blasted Guide: How to Get Shatter Blast Ammo Mod

Learn how to find the Shattered Blast ammo mod and complete the Blasted mission in MWZ.

by Christian Bognar
How to Get Shattered Blast Ammo Modern Warfare 3
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Ammo mods can make a significant difference when playing Modern Warfare 3 Zombies Mode. The Shattered Blast ammo mod is tied to an objective called Blasted, so read further on how to find it to complete the specific mission.

Where to Find Shatter Blast Ammo in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies

Players will have the most luck finding ammo mods in Aether Caches, purple-colored crystals generally found in Strongholds and Aether Nests. Considering there are five ammo mods in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies, you have a 20% chance of obtaining the Shattered Blast ammo mod from the Aether Caches. Aether Caches usually only have one ammo mod, so if you fail to get Shattered Blast and get another one instead, such as Cryo Freeze, find another Aether Cache and try again.

Another way to get ammo mods, such as Shattered Blast, is by completing contracts while playing in a match. That said, getting them from Aether Caches in Strongholds and Aether Nests is quicker and easier from my personal experience.

Once you find Shattered Blast, you can apply it to your weapon by holding X or Square, depending on the console you’re playing on. If you stow it in your Rucksack, press down on the D-pad and press X or Square on Shattered Blast to equip it to the weapon you’re currently using.

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How to Easily Kill Armored Zombies for the Blasted Mission in MW3 Zombies

For the Blasted mission in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies, you need to kill 25 armored zombies and acquire a Cyphered Tablet. For the former, you will have the most luck equipping the Shattered Blast ammo mod to a shotgun or machine gun.

Once you have a weapon in either of those categories, make your way to a Threat Zone Two area. Threat Zone Two areas have armored zombies, making it perfect for the Blasted Mission.

Round the zombies up in a circular fashion, where they gather in a crowd, making it easy to land shots on multiple targets. Aim for ones with armor on, and keep unloading until you have successfully killed 25. I’ve found that aiming for the armored zombie’s head downs them faster, too. Be quick on your feet and stay on the move, as these armored zombies can take you down quickly!

How to Find the Cyphered Tablet in MW3 Zombies

Once you have killed 25 armored zombies, your last step of the Blasted mission is to find the Cyphered Tablet. Usually, the Cyphered Tablet is found during or after defeating 25 armored zombies for the Blasted mission, and there’s no definite way to tell when or if this changes from player to player. So, check the area when it is safe, and you’ll come across the Cyphered Tablet. It’s easy to spot as it will appear as a tile icon, so pick it up when possible.

Rewards for Completing the Blasted Mission in MW3 Zombies

Once you have completed the Blasted mission in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies, you will be rewarded with 1500 XP and the Napalm Burst Ammo Mod Acquisition. Acquisitions are single-use items that will give you an advantage in combat and can be extracted. Once extracted, they will be added to your Acquisition Stash.

- This article was updated on November 13th, 2023

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