116 Best Among Us Pick Up Lines

Win over that special crewmate with these lines.

by Diego Perez

Among Us is one of the most popular games in the world, so odds are that special someone in your life has played it once or twice. Finding something in common is the fastest way to win someone’s heart, and if that thing in common happens to be Among Us, you’re in the right place. It may seem silly to use a video game to win someone over, but couples meet in online video games all the time. Just think of all the weddings that have come out of World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy XIV! Among Us can lead to love just like any other game, you just have to know what to say to that special someone.

The Best Among Us Pick Up Lines

With these Among Us pick up lines, your rizz will be unmatched.

  1. Meet me at Electrical, because I think I see sparks flying between us.
  2. Are you an Impostor? Because you keep venting in my heart.
  3. Is that a knife in your pocket? Or are you just happy to see me?
  4. Why be sus when we can be us?
  5. Did I just see you vent? Because you’re taking my breath away.
  6. Roses are red, violets are blue, will you be my Crewmate? I won’t eject you.
  7. There’s no Among Us without us.
  8. You vented straight into my heart.
  9. The only task I can think about doing is you.
  10. Take me to Medbay since you’ve stolen my heart.
  11. Meet me in Comms so you can give me your number.
  12. I can’t focus on my tasks since you’re my main goal.
  13. To me, you’ll never be an Impostor.
  14. We’re like Romeo and Juliet if they were Impostor and Crewmate.
  15. I’m doing my task in Navigation and plotting a course to your heart.
  16. Take me to Navigation, I keep getting lost in your eyes.
  17. We need to divert power to O2 since you keep taking my breath away.
  18. Did the Impostors sabotage? Or is that just the flame between us?
  19. I tried to fix the wiring but I couldn’t figure out how to connect me and you.
  20. You’re better than any Cosmicube reward.
  21. The next Among Us crossover should be you and me.
  22. The reactor might be melting down, but my heart melts for you.
  23. My task is to measure the weather since you’re so hot.
  24. I called an emergency meeting because you’re about to steal my heart.
  25. Are you following me because you’re an Impostor, or are you just happy to see me?
  26. Why swipe your card when you could swipe right on me?
  27. You’re hotter than the lava in Polus.
  28. What if we kissed in Electrical?
  29. I’m self-reporting my love for you.
  30. Somebody call an emergency meeting, there’s an angel Among Us.
  31. You can vote me out as long as you come with me.
  32. I’d never vote you out, even if you were sus.
  33. You’re like a visual task with the way I’m always watching you.
  34. If you get ejected, I’m coming with you.
  35. You’re not just a Crewmate, you’re my soulmate.
  36. Did someone sabotage O2? Because you take my breath away.
  37. If you ever need to vent, I’m here to listen… unless you’re an Impostor.
  38. Come with me to the Main Hall so we can develop photos of you and me.
  39. My task is to fix the weather node since you’re so hot.
  40. You’ll never have to fake a task when you’re with me.
  41. My task is to fix the wiring since you keep making sparks.
  42. My Crewmate color is always blue when you’re not around.
  43. Let’s fix wires together, I feel a connection.
  44. I almost have to eject you from the game since you’re so distractingly beautiful.
  45. We go together like Impostors and vents.
  46. That’s odd, my task list has “taking you out” written at the top.
  47. I want us to win as Impostors so we can have some alone time.
  48. I have to pick up towels in the Airship since you’ve got me sweating.
  49. I keep processing data in MIRA HQ but I can’t seem to find your number anywhere.
  50. I’ll witness your Medbay scan anytime.
  51. I’m charting a course for a romantic getaway for us.
  52. I’ve got a task in the Kitchen, let’s have a dinner date.
  53. It’s a good thing my task is to pick up towels, because you’ve got me sweating.
  54. If your task is to upload data, why don’t you give me your phone number?
  55. I don’t know why your tasks are to put away rifles and pistols in the Armory when they should really be worried about your killer looks.
  56. Did you run into an Impostor? Because you’re drop-dead gorgeous.
  57. I can’t clear the asteroids because I keep seeing you among the stars.
  58. Let’s do a double kill, it’ll be a like a date.
  59. I play as the red Crewmate because you always make me blush.
  60. You’re my sussy baka.
  61. If you don’t go out with me, I’ll have to go to Medbay for a broken heart.
  62. You can’t spell sus without us.
  63. You’re just like my room code. It’s URAQT.
  64. I can’t tell if oxygen is being depleted or if that’s just you taking my breath away.
  65. Does being the Impostor kill my chances of being with you?
  66. You’re just like a full Among Us lobby. A true 10/10.
  67. Do you feel the bond Among Us, or is it just me?
  68. There’s a cutie Among Us, it’s you!
  69. When people see you on Security cameras, they stop and stare at your beauty.
  70. I need you to come to Medbay with me and scan my heart to see how I feel about you.
  71. Are you the reactor sabotage? Because you make me melt.
  72. No amount of sabotaging lights can dull your shine.
  73. My task is to unlock the safe in Cargo Bay, but you’re the real treasure on the Airship.
  74. Did someone sabotage the shields? Because you make me let my guard down.
  75. Somebody call an emergency meeting, my heart has stopped!
  76. All my tasks must be in Navigation because I keep finding my way to you.
  77. I’d brave Electrical for you.
  78. When I’m with you, I’m not afraid of vents.
  79. I’m not the Impostor, but can I take you out?
  80. I have a special task in Cafeteria, it’s called taking you to dinner.
  81. Are you an Impostor? Because you have killer looks.
  82. I need to pass through Decontamination, your beauty has infected me.
  83. We should visit the Reactor together because we have great chemistry.
  84. Sorry if I seem sus, I just have a crush on you.
  85. You should be locked up in the Brig because you’ve stolen my heart.
  86. Your task must be in Records since you’ve set the record for the cutest Crewmate of all time.
  87. Both of our tasks are in Showers, why don’t we go together?
  88. I have a task to repair Ventilation because you’ve taken my breath away.
  89. You’re so beautiful I thought this was the Viewing Deck.
  90. You make the Skeld feel safe.
  91. Hey Crewmate, wanna go on a Crewdate?
  92. Even though the Impostor sabotaged lights, your smile still lights up the room.
  93. The Impostor may have sabotaged doors, but at least you and I are together.
  94. My task is to chart a course to your heart.
  95. Someone needs to fix the wires in Electrical because all I’m feeling are sparks.
  96. My task is to buy a beverage, so can I buy you a drink?
  97. My task is to align the telescope but it’s hard when you’re the brightest thing among the stars.
  98. There’s real chemistry Among Us, I can feel it.
  99. I need to visit Decontamination because I’ve got a bad case of loving you.
  100. You’re so hot you can make the reactor meltdown as a Crewmate.
  101. Is your task to divert power? Because I’m definitely feeling sparks.
  102. My task is to assemble the artifact and I’m definitely putting U and I together.
  103. Are all of your tasks visual tasks? Because I can’t keep my eyes off you.
  104. Let’s sabotage the lights so we can have some alone time.
  105. The Impostors must have sabotaged the seismic stabilizers because my knees get weak when I see you.
  106. Are you a Shapeshifter? Because you seem too good to be true.
  107. The Scientist checked my vitals and said my heart stopped when I saw you.
  108. I’d waste my emergency meeting just to be close to you.
  109. There aren’t enough phrases in quick chat to describe how I feel about you.
  110. I’d let you scan me in Medbay any day.
  111. My task must be to reset the breakers because you’ve shocked my senses.
  112. Let’s be more than Crewmates.
  113. You should be in the Airship’s Hall of Portraits.
  114. No matter how much I polish the ruby on the Airship, you still shine brighter.
  115. You can’t spell Polus without us.
  116. I can’t do my record temperature task with you around, you’re too hot for the thermometer.

While some of these pick up lines are better than others, there’s one for every situation. Whether you and that special someone are playing as duo Impostors or you’re scrambling to complete tasks as Crewmates, these lines are sure to make them your permanent duo partner.

Among Us is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.

- This article was updated on February 1st, 2023