Best Couples Games to Play on Steam

Gaming as a couple.

by J.T. Isenhour


No significant other wants to feel left out when their partner is playing games. But getting into their super niche game that requires thousands of hours to understand is quite daunting. Or maybe the game they play isn’t your type of game. Luckily there are plenty of games designed with couples in mind that you can find on steam. let’s go over some of the best couple games for you to play for your next date night.

Best Couple Games on Steam

It Takes Two

Just one glance at It Takes Two and you will know that this game was really designed with couples in mind. The whole game is about you and your partner playing as a married couple that has drifted apart as the years have passed. You each control a spouse that has been turned into a tiny doll and must work together to figure out why you were transformed.


You will venture through their home and help them come to terms with the problems in their marriage. At each stop in their home, you will be presented with new mechanics to which each character gets access. You will then have to work together while using your new tools to solve puzzles and progress toward the end of your adventure.

Along your adventure, you can explore to learn about the lives both characters have led and what has caused these rifts in their marriage. Each area features tons to interact with and small competitive challenges for you and your partner to do.

A Way Out

If you want a bit more action then check out A Way Out. More on the action adventure side of things, A Way Out is a prison break story that focuses on two characters, Leo and Vincent. Vincent is the new prisoner on the block and he doesn’t want to be around long. Leo is a veteran of the prison and has been planning an escape but needs someone he can trust to make it work. positioned in cells next to each other, they put their differences aside and work together to pull off this prison break.


Since this game is made by the same developers as It Takes Two, you will find a lot of the same great storytelling in A Way Out just with a slightly darker tone. The game also features looks into both prisoners’ lives after they make it out of the prison as well as a bunch of fun minigames to compete against your partner in.

While this may be a little less cute than A Way Out the thrilling story makes up for it.

We Were Here

A true test of any relationship is having to solve puzzles together, but what about solving puzzles where one side knows the answer and must verbally convey it to their partner. in We Were Here, each of you will wake up in separate rooms, one of you will be in a study-like room with a bunch of answers and a radio. The other player will be in a crypt-like area and be presented with puzzle after puzzle that they will have to rely on their partner to help them solve.

While you won’t be right next to your partner the whole time, there is something interesting about feeling like you are all alone in a room with only their voice on the radio to keep you company. As well as having to depend on each other in life or death situations is a great way to help strengthen the bonds of your relationship.

The game also features some interesting replay value since you will want to experience both sides of this puzzle adventure. Just make sure to wait a bit before you replay it as the answers to each puzzle don’t really change between playthroughs.

While you could play any party game with your partner for a date night, those games are better for fun evenings and don’t have a lot of substance in them. They are meant to be played with around four people and mainly revolve around doing small tasks in a chaotic environment. Not exactly an ideal time when you are trying to spend time with your significant other.

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