Best F2P Eula Build in Genshin Impact: Weapon, Artifacts, and Team Composition

What is the best free to play Eula build in Genshin Impact?

by Noah Nelson
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While Eula isn’t a free to play character in Genshin Impact, you can pull her from a banner and create an amazing build as a free to play player. Eula is a Cryo 5-star character that wields a Claymore — she’s built for success right out of the box. To make the best Eula free to play build, this is the guide for you.

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Genshin Impact Eula: Pros, Cons, and Playstyle

Eula is one of the best DPS characters in Genshin Impact. Her abilities deal high Physical and Cryo damage. She can also stack buffs called Lightfall Sword to inflict more Physical damage.

The downside to Eula is that her Elemental Burst takes a lot of energy, the Lightfall Swords take time to stack, and agile enemies can easily dodge her built-up attacks. Nevertheless, Eula is a highly favored character in Genshin Impact because of the massive amounts of damage she can deal.

Genshin Impact Eula: Best F2P Weapon

Image: miHoYo

If you are a free to play player, the best weapon to use with Eula is Snow-Tombed Starsilver. The Snow-Tombed Starsilver Claymore is a free to play weapon you can get from solving the Ancient Carvings Puzzle.

Snow-Tombed Starsilver is an incredible Claymore that deals high Physical Damage thanks to a high Physical DMG bonus percentage. The weapon also has the Frost Burial skill which allows a 60% chance to deal 80% AoE ATK DMG from a dropping Everfrost Icicle. This pairs extremely well with Eula because if an enemy is affected by Cryo, the Everfrost Icicle deals 200% ATK DMG.

Genshin Impact Eula: Best F2P Artifacts

Every Artifact in Genshin Impact can be acquired for free through enough grinding. If you don’t want to grind as much, here are the core stats you need your Artifacts to focus on:

  • Sands: ATK%
  • Goblet: Physical DMG Bonus
  • Circlet: Crit Rate/DMG
  • Plume: ATK%
  • Flower: HP

The best Artifacts for Eula is the Plae Flame 4-piece set. With the 4-piece set, you’ll get a 25% increase in Physical Damage that can reach up to a 100% boost when you have two stacks of the 4-piece set bonus, which increases your ATK by 9% when you use your Elemental Skill on an enemy. This lasts for seven seconds, can stack twice, and can be triggered every 0.3 seconds.

To get the Pale Flame Artifact set, you need to grind the Ridge Watch Domain which is located just south of Dawn Winery between Monstadt and Liyue. It does take luck to get Pale Flame Artifacts, but it is possible as a free to play player and it’s worth it for the best free to play Eula build.

Genshin Impact Eula: Best F2P Team Comp

Image: miHoYo

There aren’t many free to play characters in Genshin Impact, and the ones that are free to play aren’t very good. If you want to create the best team highlighting Eula, you can wait for these characters’ banners to appear and try to pull them.

Since Eula is your main DPS, you need an Electro Reaction character that can provide off-field Electro buffs, a Hydro sub-DPS to freeze enemies and not steal Electro when Eula comes back out, and some kind of Support character that can heal and buff Physical Attack DMG.

Here are the best free to play team comps for Eula:

Team CompCharacterDetails
Electro ReactionRaiden Shogun, Beidou, Fischl, LisaProvide off-field Electro benefits to deal Superconduct damage.
Sub-DPSKamisato Ayato, Yelan, XingqiuDeal extra damage and Freeze enemies while not stealing Electro.
SupportBarbara, Bennet, DionaHeal other characters and provide increased Physical DMG.

My ideal free to play Eula team comp is Beidou, Xingqui, and Bennet. Beidou can be a heavy damage dealer, but is great for defense and providing a consistent Electro shield to other characters. Xingqui is an agile damage dealer that pairs well with Eula’s slower style, and Bennet can create a massive healing area that also provides extra Physical DMG.

Hopefully, you can get your hands on this free to play Eula build by grinding Domains for Artifacts and getting lucky pulls to build the best team comp. If you’re looking to create the best teams in Genshin Impact, which includes eula in many of them, check out our guide.

- This article was updated on July 6th, 2023

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