Best Fortnite OG Map Codes for XP Farming

XP farming isn't honest work but it's easy.

by Jorge Aguilar
Image: Epic Games

There’s not a lot of time to level up in Fortnite OG (Chapter 4 Season 5), so we’d understand you wanting a boost. Keep in mind that exploiting the game is still against Epic Games’ Terms of Service, but the codes below seem to do the job of XP Farming with no problem.

Before we go into it, we just want to be sure you know how to access these codes. From your Lobby go ahead and press the magnifying glass next to Play, that’s your search. From there, just enter the code you see below each image and you can try out the map.

Advanced Red Vs Blue

Image: evgyt

Map Code: 7600-3376-2859

The 💯ADVANCED 🥵RED VS BLUE🥶 by evgyt is a great place to earn Exp. Enter the code and set it to a private match and then get into the map. There will be a hallway on the right and left, go to the one on the left and keep walking straight until you reach a wall.

Do any emote there and a button will pop up with ;) for you to interact with. Interact with it and you’ll be transported to another level with a timer. When the timer ends, you’ll need to input 8135 and you’ll get to another area with a jetpack. You can just stand around while the XP just stacks up.

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I wanted to start with this one because it’s my favorite, as it’s the easiest and I feel like it would take the longest to get banned. I’ve had this not work the first time so you may need to restart it to get it to work.

Blue Pit

Image: Tey

Map Code: 8122-8686-0890

Blue Pit by Tey is another great area with secret XP. Load into a private match and go to the black wall on the left. On the northern side of the wall, you’ll do another emote. Once the emote is done, you’ll just have to go to the ramp right behind the wall.

In the corner of the ramp, there will be a new button with a ?. Interact with it and wait out the next timer. When the timer finishes input 621, and then interact with the board next to it. You have now unlocked the XP farm mode, but you can also shoot enemies for for minutes.

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1v1 Build Fights!

Image: Tey

Map Code: 7720-5704-5050

1V1 BUILD FIGHTS! by Tey is another level that will give you XP farming. When the level loads up, head outside of the vault and then turn back around. The vault door will have closed and you’ll need to emote on the left side of the vault door. Next, turn left and head to the end of the floor. You’ll see a button at the corner with a which you need to interact with.

You’ll be teleported to a new level with a timer. Wait out the timer and input 412 and then interact with the board on the right. Just like the last level, you can just wait and collect XP or speed up the process by grabbing a weapon and killing enemies.

Moonlit Free for All

Image: evgyt

Map Code: 6909-1495-1506

MOONLIT FREE FOR ALL by evgyt has another XP farm for you to abuse. When you log into the map, go ahead to the left and pick the emblem that is called vault. Interact with it and you’ll be transported to a white floor in front of a room. Turn around and go to the left corner and interact with a button called that appears.

You’ll be teleported to a room with a timer that you need to wait out. When the timer ends, input the code 7275 and interact with the confirm text on the right. You’ll be teleported to a new area and begin gaining Exp. As usual, you can kill enemies to gain more experience quickly.

1v1 Build Fights 2024

Image: rimonadee

Map Code: 8189-5026-9182

1V1 BUILD FIGHTS 2024 by rimonadee is one of the fastest to get XP but will likely also get caught and removed the fastest. It involves using this island to go to another. Get into the level, leave the vault, then head to your left to the computer. Input the code 4242-4495-3271 and press Play in Party (Private).

Head into the arena and find the timer on the left. Go up to it using your building material and emote next to the first zero in the countdown. You’ll see an interact button pop up at the left called Next you’ll be sent to another room.

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In this room, you’ll want to go to the red laser wall with 900 and interact with it to start the timer. Wait out the timer. The wall will disappear and you can walk through it. Your XP farming will start from there.

Pro 1v1 New Guns and Gear

Image: Wolfi

Map Code: 8584-8379-5621

PRO 1V1 NEW GUNS AND GEAR by Wolfi has an easier-to-follow way to unlock the XP farming. When you load in, turn around and head back to spawn. At spawn, you’ll see a timer that says New Weapons Unlock. Wait out the timer and then go to the primal shotgun looking weapon. Look down and in between it and the weapon machine to its left. You’ll see an interact button labeled Get Key.

Next, jump back down to the area and turn around to see a box home to your right. It’s asking for a key which you now have. Go inside and look at the wall to the right, specifically in the place where it meets the roof. Interact with this button and your AFK XP farming will begin.

1v1 Pro Wars 2!

Image: itsmanny

Map Code: 3017-4583-8726

1V1 PRO WARS 2! by itsmanny is another private game that is pretty easy to follow. Immediately leave the vault after spawning in. Turn back around and build a floor bridge on the left side of the vault. It should only take one floor mat before you can step on and go next to the wall. From there, do any emote and a new interact button will appear.

The button will be labled and you need to interact with it. You’ll be transported to a room with a timer. Wait out the timer and input the code 3766. Press confirm and your free farm XP will begin.

These are some great codes but remember that Epic Games is not okay with this kind of stuff. If any of these stop working or disappear its because they were taken down because other players reported them. There’s also the issue that you sometimes have to leave the map and come back because the codes sometimes don’t work.

It took me a few tries with some of them but I found that it’s best not to do anything besides wait for timers. That means don’t grab weapons and start shooting them to wait because many of the codes not working for me came after I did that.

More should pop up over time, but we’ll make sure to update the list as more XP maps are added in. Remember, some places get taken down quickly, and even I’ve see whole maps get taken out only a day later because they gave too much XP at once.

- This article was updated on November 17th, 2023

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