10 Best Funny MLB The Show Diamond Dynasty Names

You named your team, what?!

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Are you looking for the ten best funny MLB The Show Diamond Dynasty names you can use when building your newest team? An enjoyable aspect of MLB The Show is the ability to create your big leaguer and create your team to play against other sluggers to earn rewards. However, creating a player or team name can be challenging, especially if you pick new names every year. So here are the ten best funny MLB The Show Diamond Dynasty names you should use immediately.

10 Best Funny MLB The Show 23 Diamond Dynasty Names

So here are the ten best bunny MLB The Show Diamond Dynasty names you should use immediately.

Crandall Giants

Image: Sal Conte

The Crandall Giants are a fictitious little league team from Crandall, New York, whose players are possessed with a need to win at all costs. This is a little-known 80’s horror classic, Child’s Play (not that one), written by Sal Conte.

Santa Barbara Seabirds

Image: NBC Universal Television

This team name is for all the fellow Psychos out there. The Santa Barbara Seabirds is a reference from a Psych episode called, “Dead Man’s Curve Ball,” where Shawn and Gus are hired by the team’s manager Mel Hornsby to investigate the mysterious death of his hitting coach.

Miami Gators

Image: Universal Pictures

The Miami Gators were the fictitious baseball team in Miami seen on a holobillboard in a scene of Back to the Future II. Unfortunately, the Gators would get swept by the Chicago Cubs in the 2015 World Series in a changed best-of-nine series. So in 2015, the actual Miami team led a campaign with the #RewriteTheFuture in honor of the movie.

Scranton Stranglers

Image: NBC Universal Television

The Scranton Strangler was a fictitious serial killer from the hit show, The Office. While the show eventually reveals who the killer is, most characters from the show and fans do not believe it was the person convicted for it. Popular theories point to Mose Shrute, Toby Flenderson, or Creed Batton as the real Scranton Strangler. The team’s uniform could look like Dwight’s Halloween costume.

O-Town Zeros

Image: Joe Murray Productions

O-Town is a fictitious town from the ’90s cartoon Rocko’s Modern Life. The town is a parody of Chicago (or Chicag-O, if you will) and is located by the Great Lakes. The Zeros are O-Town’s professional baseball team and make fun of the Chicago Cubs’ long 108-year championship drought.

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Hoboken Zephyrs

Image: CBS Television

The Hoboken Zephyrs is a fictitious baseball team from the famous Twilight Zone episode “The Mighty Casey.” In the episode, the team’s misfortunes of coming in last placed the season prior is turned around by a seemingly unbeatable young player. However, we won’t ruin the episode’s twist and recommend you watch it.

Emerald City Heros

Image: Sega

Emerald City is a fictitious city in the Sonic franchise. It is loosely based on the United States city of Seattle. Sonic has many fantastic characters, and we hope you build a team that will custom Ballplayers based on them. Sonic can be your speedy base stealer, and Knuckles can be your slugger.

Wynnewood Tigers

Image: A Goode Films Production

For those that hadn’t seen, Joe Exotic owned the Tiger King, the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park, before an almost unbelievable series of events landed him in jail. While we don’t condone the poor treatment of animals, we can’t resist repping them with a team name called the Wynnewood Tigers in their honor.

Liberty City Swingers

Image: Rockstar

The Liberty City Swingers in Liberty City from Grand Theft Auto IV. It appears to me a mix of favorite teams like the Brooklyn Dodgers, New York Yankees, and New York Mets. If you want to take it further, name your custom Ballplayer Ernesto Asaltacunas, the team star. You can also name your custom ballpark Meadows Park in the borough of Dukes.

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Concord Crushers

Image: Bethesda Game Studios

The Concord Crushers is a fictitious baseball team from the Fallout series mentioned by Moe Cronin. Cronin is a merchant who lives in Diamond City during the events of Fallout 4 in 2287. He is a baseball enthusiast who sells baseball apparel and equipment. His view of baseball being a blood sport where two teams battle to the death, that baseball was given to the children of the players who died, and baseball cards kept track of players kills is metal AF.

- This article was updated on March 29th, 2023

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