Best Hitchhiker Build in Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Abilities, Stats, and Attributes

Are you trying to create the very best Hitchhiker build in Texas Chain Saw Massacre?

by Gordon Bicker
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Texas Chainsaw Massacre has a few Family members that you will need to master in order to make the most of them and one of these is the Hitchhiker, where traps will be your best friend. Because of this, you will ultimately need a useful build for any situation. This article will take you through the best Hitchhiker build in Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Best Abilities and Perks for the Hitchhiker

Ability/Perk NameInformation
Blood Runner (Perk)Your stamina will decrease a lot less if carrying a Blood Vial that has at least more than 50% blood held within it. This is great for transporting the blood around and worthwhile for the Hitchhiker to have.
Unrelenting (Perk)The Venom perk could have been here instead which gives victims at very least an extra 1hp of damage (continually over a set time) after being caught in a trap. However, Unrelenting works best with the key focuses of Hitchhiker’s attributes/stats. This perk will increase your Endurance by three but at level two of this perk, you will get an increase of five and an increase of seven at level three.
Dinner Bell (Perk)Dinner Bell is one perk that will be essential for most if not all builds for Hitchhiker. Whenever any victim is trapped they will automatically be highlighted — allowing you to easily pinpoint their location. Further, if that wasn’t already good enough then I am pleased to tell you that your maximum stamina will also be increased by 20. If you have Dinner Bell at level three, you will get a 60 increase so be sure to level this.
Experienced Stalkers (Grandpa Ability)I personally recommend the Experienced Stalkers Grandpa ability as compared to some others. This is because Grandpa’s Abilities do not stack. So for example, if a lot of people use the sprint stamina reduction ability “Don’t Have All Day”, only one person equipping that actually matters. Experienced Stalkers will reduce the Family’s proximity warning range when active and this can work excellently when Victims have been trapped by your Hitchhiker traps — in a nutshell, it allows you to get closer to the victim(s) without alerting them.

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Another perk that you could swap out for one of the perks if preferred would be Universal Donor where your blood collected from any of the buckets will be of a 20% increase at least. However, those three other perks should tide you over nicely for a brilliant build with Hitchhiker on any map. If you would like to traverse through gaps quicker though, I recommend that you equip the Wireframe perk instead of Unrelenting — Wireframe is also one of Hitchhiker’s custom perks.

Best Attributes/Stats for the Hitchhiker in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

The attributes that you should focus on the most without a doubt for Hitchhiker are Endurance and Blood Harvesting. I don’t really recommend focusing on the Savagery attribute of Hitchhiker since that is not his strong suit. Instead, keep your mindset for this family member to be a trapper who can quickly gather blood and be able to attack a little quicker because of improved Endurance.

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All of the perks you have equipped previously from this guide will make sure you are keeping a nice level of both Blood Harvesting and Endurance-based perks. Now that you know everything about the best build for the Hitchhiker in Texas Chain Saw Massacre, you can jump back into the game and try all of it out.

- This article was updated on August 29th, 2023

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