Best Level Bonuses to Unlock First in Crime Boss: Rockay City Campaign

To survive the streets, you need the best hook ups.

by Noah Nelson
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

The campaign of Crime Boss: Rockay City is a roguelike experience with permanent unlocks found in the level bonuses. You’ll earn level bonuses, or upgrades, as you level up. You’ll always have three level bonuses to choose from in Crime Boss: Rockay City and if you want to survive, you’ll need to know which ones to prioritize.

What Are the Best Upgrades in the Crime Boss: Rockay City Campaign?

The best upgrades you’ll want to unlock first in Crime Boss: Rockay City are Travis Baker and Casey level bonuses. Travis Baker is the main character of the campaign and leveling him up will increase the longevity of your runs. When you inevitably die and restart, the upgrades from Casey will make your new runs easier.

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Best Travis Baker Upgrades in Crime Boss: Rockay City

Travis Baker is an excellent character to take on every mission. Unfortunately, you can only use him once unless you get the Extra Gravy: Steadfast level bonus. Next, Super Strapped will ensure Baker always has a magnum revolver that is very powerful. After that, try to prioritize Baker’s health.

  • Extra Gravy: Steadfast – Travis Baker can join two missions a day.
  • Super Strapped – Travis Baker gets a high-quality weapon.
  • Toughen Up – Travis Baker gets a health boost.

Best Casey Upgrades in Crime Boss: Rockay City

Casey has a lot of great level bonuses that you’ll need to start with more progress each time you restart the campaign. The two best upgrades to get are Fully Flush as you’ll start with more money (need I explain why money is important?) and Land Shark as you’ll start with more controlled turfs.

  • Fully Flush – Start the campaign with more money.
  • Land Shark – Kick off your campaign with more turfs.

Best Nasara Upgrades in Crime Boss: Rockay City

Nasara’s upgrades are tied for third most important in Crime Boss: Rockay City. His level bonuses revolve around upgrading your soldiers. This is important for turf wars and defending, so focus on getting More Muscle and Fitter Fighters first.

  • More Muscle – The campaign starts with extra soldiers.
  • Fitter Fighters – Increases the health of your soldiers in attacks and defenses.

Best Gloves Upgrades in Crime Boss: Rockay City

Gloves is tied for third most important with Nasara, so once you unlock him, be sure to get Rocket in Your Pocket and Big-Ass Bounty as soon as possible. Rocket in Your Pocket is really good because you’ll get level bonuses sooner and Big-Ass Bounty puts more money in your pocket after successful missions.

  • Rocket in Your Pocket – Level up faster.
  • Big-Ass Bounty – Raises your reward for pulling off jobs.

Best Touchdown Upgrades in Crime Boss: Rockay City

Last and also least is Touchdown. Touchdown is only used in one mission type: defenses. When you have to defend your turf, you’ll play as Touchdown. Because he isn’t used much and he’s already a strong and capable character without any upgrades, avoid Touchdown level bonuses until it’s the only thing left.

  • Tougher Touch – Touchdown gets more revives when fending off attacks.
  • Pro-Bowl Perk – Touchdown earns a new perk.

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