Best Mega Alakazam Counters and Weaknesses in Pokemon GO

Ready to take on this Psychic Master? Find out what you'll need to do to defeat them!

by Shaun Cichacki


If you’re ready to jump into some big battles in Pokemon GO, you’ll want to make sure that you’re ready to take on Mega Alakazam in the newest Mega Raids that are happening in your local gyms. While they are quite intimidating to look at, you’ll want to make sure that you’re prepared and ready to take them on with our helpful Raid Guide!

If you’re not adequately prepared, there’s an excellent chance that you’re going to get wiped out in a few hits, so you’ll want to make sure that you’re ready to go up against this master of Psychic abilities, so let’s get right into the details, and see what you’re going to need to do to prepare yourself and get ready to bring them down!

Mega Alakazam Raid Schedule

Starting on Sept. 6 at 10am and running until Sept. 16 at 10am, you’ll find this Kinetic King chilling out at your local gyms, ready to take you on and show you their true power. You’ll want to make sure that you’re ready and prepared to fight, as they will not hold back their blasts, but you’ll have plenty of time to prepare yourself and your friends for this epic battle.

Can Mega Alakazam Be Shiny?

If you’re looking to find a Shiny Alakazam, you may not need to bend a spoon with the power of your mind to find one. You’ll have a fair chance of encountering a Shiny version after defeating them in this raid, so make sure that you’re keeping an eye out for the flash of stars at the beginning of the encounter, the icon next to their name, and Pink pads rather than Brown. This one is easy to differentiate, so you should be able to find them quite easily!

Mega Alakazam Weaknesses, Strengths, and Counters

If you’re just looking to stroll into this battle without preparing, you’ll get tossed around like nobody’s business. Mega Alakazam is powerful, but if you come prepared properly, you’ll be able to lock them away without the key. Making sure that you’re ready for this battle may require you to level up some of your monsters, so make sure that you’re using your Stardust and Rare Candies to your advantage, and let’s see what makes Mega Alakazam tick!

Mega Alakazam Resistances – 63% Damage Taken

  • Fighting
  • Poison

Mega Alakazam Vulnerabilities – 160% Damage Taken

  • Bug
  • Dark
  • Ghost

Mega Alakazam Counters

Pokemon Name Fast Move Charged Move
Mega Gengar Lick Shadow Ball
Hydreigon Bit Brutal Swing
Giratina (Origin) Shadow Claw Shadow Ball
Darkrai Snarl Shadow Ball
Chandelure Hex Shadow Ball
Pheromosa Bug Bite Bug Buzz

Bringing any of these monsters along for the ride will help guarantee that you’re able to bring down Mega Alakazam quickly and easily, so make sure that you’re sharing this guide with your friends and raid partners to make sure that you’re all ready before this party starts!

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Pokemon GO is available now on mobile devices.

- This article was updated on September 6th, 2022

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