Best Mods for Immersion in Baldur’s Gate 3

Immersive yourself into this diverse realm of adventure with these game mods.

by Guillermo Rosario
Image: Baldur’s Gate 3

Mods can be game-breaking, nightmare-inducing, or made as modern cheat codes to help steamroll some of the fiercer parts of the games.

For Baldur’s Gate, these tend to help with either dice rolls or adding more customization options that aren’t present in the normal experience. These are the top ten mods you can download to make the best out of your immersive experience and where to find them. All of these mods can be found in the nexus mods website.

Best Mods for Immersion in Baldur’s Gate 3

10. More Enemy Encounters

Image: Baldur’s Gate 3 Mod By Maxchigo

The world of Baldur’s Gate is wrought with danger and this mod is perfect for dragging warriors into frequent enemy encounters and monstrous ambushes. This mod is the best for players who want to level up in battle and gain XP quickly during travel in between areas. Giving the wilderness that extra sense of danger makes every journey more strategic and ensures that adventurer parties are stocked up on gear, items, and plenty of spell slots.

9. More Character Presets

Mod Image: Toarie

More customization options means more individual uniqueness with players and their avatars. More presets give the chance to build off of a pre-made character that may be closer to the personal preference of the players than what is available. This makes character creation even more engaging and ensures that players are enthralled in the story of Baldur’s Gate 3 with their most ideal creation. Caution when using this mod for character creation since once they’re used they must not be turned off or the save file using this character may glitch out or crash.

8. Show Approval Ratings In Dialogue

Mod Image: Knapper234

This mod is more ideal for players who’ve either already finished the campaign or those that desire a certain outcome with their relationships with the other characters in their party. Basically, it shows how much characters will like or dislike the choices you make during dialogue and can help guide exactly how your story will progress with them. By default the approval ratings aren’t visible, leaving you the complete freedom to choose dialogue and reap either the rewards or consequences of them. This mod is perfect for those that like to see the multiple endings or outcomes of each character they adventure.

7. Permanent Speak For Animals

Mod Image: acignacio1

Perhaps the most fun you can have with the animals in this game. Originally the ability to talk to animals is a divination spell for level 1 bards and druids or level 2 rangers and at first can only be used for a day. There are also potions that can be bought or made that’ll help characters talk to animals. This mod basically makes the funny and interesting conversations with the featured animals a normal part of the game without spells. This is fairly optional and doesn’t add a lot to the overall experience but these talking animals are hands down some of the funniest moments to naturally happen in the game without a bad dice roll and makes this otherwise harmless mod well worth it.

6. Cambion (Half-Demon) Inclusion

Mod image: Eternaldole

This mod adds the Cambion subrace to Tieflings and adds a whole new playstyle to the already expansive world of Baldur’s Gate 3. From the beginning of the campaign many abilities are readily available from flight that opens up exploration in the game to unleashing incredible high level magic and summoning demonic allies. The Cambion, or Half-Demon subrace is pretty much a brand new race class disguised as a subrace with the amount of new options and customizations you can have with your demonic character.

5. Tiefling Compendium

Mod Image: Astralities

Along with the Cambion mod this mod is perfect for players that want more specific Tiefling options. The Tiefling Compendium adds every known Tiefling variant from the lore of the Forgotten Realms as a subrace in the character creator. It does more than just add the cosmetic appearance of these unique subraces, each of them have special feats and racial abilities that are unique to each of them that is based on their known talents from the Dungeons & Dragons lore. For those who love to play around with different Tiefling builds and skills this is the perfect mod to keep and pairs with the Cambion mod.

4. Upgraded Feats

Mod Image: Sindae

Feats in the base game are already pretty expansive and help strengthen each diverse class of characters. For expert players and veteran adventurers, this mod makes it much easier and funner to multi-class and create certain class types that are skilled in abilities they normally wouldn’t be able to obtain without making a whole new character. Imagine a Paladin with ranger skills, or a druid with bard abilities. The freedom this mod gives to feats and skills allows anyone to create their perfect imagined hero the way they want. Dungeons & Dragons is built around player choice and this definitely adds to an already robust system.

3. Multiple Dice Sets

Mod Image: Nexusmods

For old-school fans of the tabletop experience, there is a large quantity of Dice mods and Dice sets that make the personal experience that much more fun and immersive.

All kinds of sets and designs are made for the dice rolls and many are based on the elaborate designs many D&D collectors can purchase online. To list a specific set that’s the best looking could be its entire list as these mods have a plethora of options and aesthetics to choose from. The sky is the limit with what can be selected and downloaded for these dice mods.

2. Better Maps All-In-One

Image: Larian Studios Mod By Caites and uploaded by pavelk

This mod grants you a much better map and mini-map to navigate during gameplay. Zoom distance is improved and there is now an option for having a grid or no grid for the menu map. Waypoints are easy to navigate and even during exploration and combat.

Navigation is more streamlined not to mention the detail of the maps helps immerse many fans of the D&D into the unique locations of the Forgotten Realms and shows how faithful the game map is to the traditional maps for Sword Coast.

1. Aether’s Immersive UI

Mod Image: Aetherpoint

This mod goes hand in hand with the better maps mod and enemy encounters mod. This makes the normal UI of the game contextual, removing a lot of the busy work and menus along with the headache of looking at everything at the same time.

By making the UI contextual, you can spend time exploring the environment, discover treasure chests that would otherwise be hidden behind a menu, and immerse yourself in an intense battle during enemy encounters. This is hands down the best mod to use if you want to fully immerse yourself into the diverse world of peril and adventure in Baldur’s Gate 3.

- This article was updated on November 16th, 2023

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