Best Nodachi Build in Wild Hearts: Nodachi Build Guide

Make your Nodachi hit even harder.

by Christian Bognar
Wild Hearts Nodachi Build
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

In Wild Hearts, you can choose between eight base weapons, each having a different play style. Whether you choose the fast-paced Claw Blade or the slower, more brutal force Nodachi, there is a path on the weapon tree to get the best build. For the Nodachi, many options are considered excellent, but this guide will provide you with the best build for mid to late-game players.

Strongest Nodachi Build in Wild Hearts

For mid to late games, Nodachi players should focus on a build specializing in damage output while possessing armor that helps with defense and elemental damage. Since the Nodachi is a slow weapon, you will want to be able to take as many hits as possible. Here are our recommendations for weapons, armor, and Talisman.

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  • White Fang Brocaded Mengu (Human-Path)
  • Fuma Clan Uwagi (Human-Path)
  • Dawn Guard Gauntlets (Human-Path)
  • Moonshadow Waistguard (Human-Path)
  • White Fang Brocaded Boots (Human-Path)

Using this armor set will focus on pure damage and maximizing the Nodachi’s potential. These armor pieces each bring valuable skills that can help during hunts, such as a sidestepper that allows you to dodge for longer distances, and Verve that increases your attack and defense when at maximum health. You will also see help regarding your Karakuri usage.


  • Sasanqua Nodachi

The Sasanqua Nodachi is the perfect weapon for mid to late-game players because it is the strongest weapon against Amaterasu, the big boss in Chapter 3. Also, inheriting skills that boost its critical and base attack will make it the perfect weapon against any Kemono you will face in the second half of the game.

You can acquire the Sasanqua Nodachi by awakening the Wind slots on the skill tree. Sasanqua is found about halfway down.


A Nodachi build must have Talismans focusing on increasing the maximum damage potential. This is so important because the Nodachi swings are so slow, so you will want to make each hit count. Equipping attack Talisman will have you dealing more damage and seeing higher numbers on the screen.

For the rest of your Talisman’s slot, focus on increasing the skills your armor already provides. Buffing these skills further will make the Nodachi build more focused instead of scattered everywhere.

- This article was updated on March 1st, 2023