Best Perks for Finn in MultiVersus

Adventure Time with Finn!

by Noah Nelson


MultiVersus is almost out on almost all platforms. You can get your hands on Finn early through any MutliVersus Twitch Drop. There are a lot of incredible characters to look forward to and enjoy, but Finn is one that, with the right perks, really shines. Here are the best MultiVersus perks for Finn.

Best Perks for Finn in MultiVersus

Much like Harley Quinn, Finn is an Assassin character which means he is a sneaky character that has the most agility and speed but can be hurt easily. Finn’s attacks need to be charged up by moving around, and since he doesn’t have many projectile attacks, your best bet is to stay close to your opponent and dodge their attacks. Here are all of the perks for Finn in MultiVersus:

  • Going Out of Business – All items in Finn’s shop are discounted by 200 gold for 10 seconds when Finn’s ally is rung out or when Finn reaches 100 damage.
  • On The House! – Generates a gem after hitting an enemy with a fully charged ground attack.

While these are all of the signature perks for Finn, here are the best perks to equip for Finn in MutliVersus:

  • On The House! – Generates a gem after hitting an enemy with a fully charged ground attack.
  • Triple Jump – Provides a third jump after hitting an enemy in the air.
  • Coffeezilla – Adds a 10 percent cooldown to specials.
  • Wildcat Brawler – Increases your team’s melee attack damage by 5% when you are standing on the ground.

Since you will be standing on the ground often to get the On The House! perk benefits, Wildcat Brawler is a great perk for solos or duos. And, of course, Triple Jump and Coffeezilla are the two dominant perks in the meta right now, so use those.

Along with the best perks for Harley Quinn, we have all sorts of MultiVersus guides on our MultiVersus page. If you’re looking for more, head over there.

MultiVersus will be released in the main Open Beta form on July 26th for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S Xbox One, and PC.

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