Best Ramattra Counters in Overwatch 2

So you think you're the strongest? Well, think again!

by Amitesh Dhar

Although he’s yet to arrive in Overwatch 2, the community is already trying to figure out the appropriate Ramattra counters in the game. Ramattra is scheduled to go live with Overwatch season 2.

Based upon the information that we already have, it’s not difficult to predict the counters for this tank hero. However, all the information listed below is purely speculation. We’ll have to test it out once the hero is live to safely talk about the best counters for him.

Until then, here are a some heroes that we feel, will be able to counter him effectively.

Which Heroes Can Be Good Ramattra Counters in Overwatch 2?

With respect to Ramattra, the primary concern seems to be his Nemesis form. This is the only form in which he can block attacks. Since his Nemesis form lasts for 8 seconds only, any hero that can force him to block attacks for 6-8 seconds will work as a good counter.

The heroes that come to our mind when talking about Ramattra counters in Overwatch 2 are Symmetra, followed by Kiriko and Bastion.

  • Symmetra: This character has a very interesting skill set. Her primary attack employs the use of a Photon Beam that levels up the more damage it deals. That said, Ramattra has a huge hitbox, so it’s hard to miss him. And the more Symmetra hits him with the beam the more damage it deals over time, forcing him to block. Her Sentry Turrets can be used to fire projectiles at him, which he will have to either block or destroy. This leaves him open to attack from three other sides. Symmetra can also use her Teleporters to get behind him and damage him from behind if he’s blocking an attack from the front. From the looks of it, her ultimate will be able to block off his ultimate completely too.
  • Kiriko: This counter is rather odd. Kiriko is mostly a support character, so you’ll have very limited options of attacking Ramattra head on. However, you can keep your team safe and sound. Kiriko’s Protection Suzu will probably be able to remove the debuffs inflicted by Ramattra’s Vortex. Her ultimate allow her teammates to get away from his ultimate, and his huge hitbox will be an easy target for her Kunais.
  • Bastion: This hero is known as a tank killer for a reason. Under the Assault configuration, Bastion can literally shred through Ramattra, forcing him to block. This configuration lasts for 6 seconds, so Ramattra will have to shift into Nemesis form to block. Once Bastion’s configuration has ended, Ramattra’s Nemesis form will be active for not more than 2-3 seconds at max.

For now, these heroes looks like the best Ramattra counters in Overwatch 2. However, reading about it is one thing, but playing it and experiencing the same in the field is something else. We’ll have to try them out once the hero goes live before we can safely state that these indeed are the best counters for Ramattra in Overwatch 2.

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Overwatch 2 is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

- This article was updated on November 30th, 2022