Best Runescape Private Servers (2023)

Five best private servers that you should play now!

by Christian Bognar
Runescape best servers
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With the rising popularity Runescape has gathered over the years, there are plenty of private servers for players to participate in. While some servers could be better and have little to offer, some standout servers provide a unique take on the game with various modes and activities. If you have been looking for a new server to join on your Runescape journey, you have come to the right place, as we will go over the top five best private servers.

Best Private Servers for Runescape in 2023

Below are the best private servers currently running in no particular order. We will also give detail on how to join each server.

Private Server #1 – Exora

One of the most unique private servers in the modding community right now is Exora, which is well-known for good reasons. With many players constantly online, people are in constant interaction and play for endless hours.

Exora features custom raids, unique mechanics original to the server, excellent-looking design models of enemies and world structures, a custom forge with an in-depth upgrade system, and much more. It is also a huge bonus that the server is constantly updated to ensure it runs properly. Players looking to play on this server will be satisfied with the content it provides to its fanbase.

How to join: Head to the official Exora webpage to start playing.

Private Server #2 – Redemption

A server known for its fantastic community, Redemption is one that game fans should take advantage of. The team behind the server is also very active, constantly putting out events and developing new features to keep fans of the server happy. Players can look forward to custom-made armor, functional gambling mechanics, and custom raids for the community.

Redemption is also known for the custom-made bosses included in the server that range from fast and agile to gigantic and terrifying. There is a feature here for everyone, but it can be specifically targeted to players who love focusing on dungeon crawling.

How to Join: Head to the official Redemption RSPS webpage to start playing.

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Private Server #3 – Alora: Raids III Tombs of Amascut

Alora Tombs of Amascut is a server that didn’t start technically well but has made significant progress. With a dedicated team behind it, there has been rebalancing to the gameplay, helping toward a more pleasant experience. Better yet, the server developers are constantly taking feedback from their community and applying those suggestions to strengthen the game for its player base.

Players who participate in Alora Tombs of Amascut can expect an old-school Runescape experience that is highly focused on Raids, granting players unique rewards and drops that make each raid feel rewarding and satisfying.

How to Join: Head to the download page of the official Alora RSPS webpage. Click your desired system and download the Alora client.

Private Server #4 and #5 – Runex and SpawnPK

These two servers go hand in hand as they are partners and created by the same developing team. That said, each focuses on specific gameplay. While Runex is the economy version, SpawnPk focuses on gambling.

With hundreds of players constantly online, there is never downtime. These servers have events that grant players an easy way to get an enormous amount of in-game money for their bank. Besides the money feature—there is excellent custom-made content, such as unique weapons and game modes that are only found on these servers. Heroic, for example, is a game mode that focuses on the competitive nature of Runescape and takes tons of skills to come out on top.

With an excellent progression system, these servers are perfect ways to grind and farm in combat fashion and money gathering. All Runescape fans should give it a shot.

How to Join Runex: Head to the official Runex RSPS webpage to download and start playing.

How to join SpawnPK: Head to the official SpawnPK webpage to download and start playing.

- This article was updated on March 28th, 2023

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