Best Sierra Counters and Weaknesses (August 2022): How to Beat Sierra in Pokemon GO

It's time to battle Sierra!

by Gordon Bicker


Pokemon Go has players excitedly battling against particular characters once again for this month. If you are wanting a round-up of the best ways to ‘defeat’ the character of Sierra then be sure to check out this article that will give you all of the information you need to know. Of course, to actually start battling Sierra you will need a ‘Rocket Radar’. Once you have that you will get the opportunity to battle against the team of characters. Sierra is back and now it’s time to get all of those rewards from defeating them in Pokemon Go.

Best Sierra Counters and Weaknesses in Pokemon Go

The lineup of pokemon that Sierra will be battling you with this month is as follows:

  • Round One — Sierra will have a Shadow Squirtle
  • Round Two — Up next there can be Shadow Lapras, Shadow Blaziken, or Shadow Blastoise that you may have to battle
  • Round Three — The final round will have you up against either Shadow Drapion, Shadow Houndoom, or Shadow Nidoqueen

There is a good variety of pokemon on offer this month for the battles. You will likely want to bring along a grass or electric-type pokemon for the first round with the Shadow Squirtle. Since they are a water type you will have an advantage over them. One pokemon that you may want to bring along for the first battle is Zekrom which will give you a nice balance for attacks.

As for the second round, for every pokemon in the team apart from Shadow Blaziken, electric and grass-type pokemon are again your go-to choices. Another Pokemon you may opt to bring along is Roserade. Of course, the choice is entirely up to you of what pokemon you want for the battle. As for the battle against Shadow Blaziken, if you get them, a good water-type pokemon against Shadow Blaziken such as Kyogre will work great. Although you can also have flying, psychic, and ground-type pokemon as counters!

For the final round, in general, you will want to bring along a ground-type pokemon. The reason for that is if you get Shadow Drapion as a battle, ground-type pokemon are the only type that is going to do a significant amount of damage on the basis of being a counter. For the other pokemon in this round, Water-type pokemon are another type that will counter greatly! Nevertheless, a ground-type pokemon such as Excadrill will work amazingly for this round.

Pokémon Go is available to download now for the following platforms: IOS and Android.

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