Best Starting Nations in Europa Universalis 4

Although the game is far from simple, some nations are slightly easier to utilize

by Davi Braid
Image: Paradox

Europa Universalis IV is a complex strategy game, so having some guidelines might be immensely helpful for newcomers. When starting, some nations might be better than others, and this is what we’ll help you with.

Knowing what makes each nation good from the beginning might help you understand what to do when the game starts. This, over time, will make you feel more comfortable when playing different nations as you will understand better each element of the game, winning conditions, army strategies, and more.

All the Best Starting Nations in Europa Universalis IV

Image: Paradox


Muscovy is a powerful nation with many subjects and more developed provinces than its neighbors. This gives it a strong position in Eastern Europe and the potential to evolve into Russia. The key to victory here is to expand control over other principalities.


Denmark is in a unique position at the start of the game, leading the Kalmar Union, which includes Norway and Sweden. This provides a strong base in Scandinavia and expansion opportunities. The goal is to supplant Britain as Europe’s chief naval power and take control of the English Channel trade node.

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France starts as a strong, but not too powerful nation that allows players to commit mistakes when beginning without harsh consequences. Since it has a decent economy and military force, France has the potential to rise as a significant power. But it’s not all smooth sailing. You must overcome France’s early issues to see it flourish into a dominant power.


Sweden begins the game under a personal union with Denmark. This unique starting point offers the potential to secure its independence and rise as a significant power in Scandinavia.


Ayutthaya is the dominant force in Indochina at the start. As Leviathan Expansion has updated Southeast Asia, Ayutthaya became an excellent option to play as a semi-beginner. This country is not in Europe and is not a major, but can expand without many difficulties as it is stronger than all of its neighbors.


Portugal starts in a relatively safe and isolated position, allowing it to concentrate on exploration and colonization. This sets the stage for Portugal to concentrate on exploration and colonization, and emerge as a formidable colonial power.

- This article was updated on November 10th, 2023

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