Best Talents and Skill Trees for Each Class in Barotrauma

Check out the best talents and specializations for each class on Barotrauma.

by Franklin Bellone Borges
Image: FakeFish / Undertow Games

In Barotrauma, FakeFish, and Undertow Games’ 2D co-op survival horror submarine simulator, players can dive into the cold and dark waters either alone or with a crew of up to 16 online players. But what are the best talents and skill trees for each job in Barotrauma?

Best Talents and Specializations for Each Job in Barotrauma

Overall, there are six different jobs available on Barotrauma — Captain, Engineer, Security Officer, Medical Doctor, Assistant, and Mechanic — each possessing a total of 4 distinct skill trees divided into a base one, and three specializations.

You can check out the best tier 1 and 2 talents, as well as the best specializations for each available job below.

Best Captain Talents and Specializations in Barotrauma

As a Captain and the utmost authority on board, your role is to your vessel and crew. Given that, Bounty Hunter, Inspirational Leader, and Prodigy are the best among the job’s Tier 1 and 2 talents, as the first two will increase your and your crew’s EXP and Money gain by 15%, while the latter will increase the skill gain speed of all 50%.

When picking specializations, we recommend that you prioritize Gunslinger — if you wish to focus on increasing your personal damage and utility — and Leading By Example.

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Best Security Officer Talents and Specializations in Barotrauma

Given the fact that the job of the Security Officers is to keep the vessel clear of threats, the best tier 1 and 2 talents for them would be Buff, First Aid Training, and Physical Conditioning. Followed by Weaponsmith.

The first three talents will provide them a 50% increase in Buff Duration plus a 25% increase in Opiate addiction resistance, an increase in the effect of Medical items, as well as with a 10% and 30% increase in movement speed and Oxygen low resistance, respectively. Weaponsmith, on the other hand, will allow you to unlock both the Riot Shotgun and the SMG.

Among the job’s specializations, we highly recommend that you go with Enforcer first, as the skill tree will allow you to upgrade their survivability and turn your Security Officer into a walking tank, capable of shielding crewmates and dealing massive damage. Once you reach the specialization’s final tier, they will even be able to come back to life after a defeat.

Best Medical Doctor Talents and Specializations

As the Medical Doctor’s main job is to keep your crew alive, the best tier 1 and 2 talents for them are Example of Health, Stayin’ Alive, Blood Donor, Fireman’s Carry, and No Pressure.

While Example of Health will increase their Maximum health by 20%, Stayin’ Alive, Blood Donor, and Fireman’s Carry will empower their CPR, allow you to get a Blood Pack after each mission, and allow them to drag fallen comrades at full speed. No Pressure, on the other hand, will allow you to get the always handy Pressure Stabilizer.

While the Xenologist specialization can work great given its ability to allow you to scavenge more items and buff your crew, we recommend that you prioritize Medic, as the specialization will massively increase your Medical Doctor’s utility and healing capabilities.

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Best Engineer Talents and Specializations

For an Engineer, we recommend that you go for Egghead, Grounded, Remote Monitor, and Sample Collection. The talents will increase the character’s gained XP speed by 100%, provide a bonus on both electrical engineering and Burn resistance, and allow you to unlock both the Reactor PDA and the Cargo Scooter, respectively.

For specialization, we recommend choosing Electrician as your main and then focus on Weapons Engineer. While the Electrician will be focused on increasing your repair capabilities, Weapons Engineer will allow you to produce high-quality weapons, as well as increase your crafting capabilities.

Best Assistant Talents and Specializations

The best tier 1 and 2 talents for Assistants are Mailman, for its experience buff, and Revenge Squad, for its massive crew buff.

The best specializations for Assistants are Apprentice and Clown. The Apprentice Specialization focuses on buffing crewmates of a set job while also increasing your overall utility. The Clown Specialization empowers the Assistant’s stats, allowing you to revive crewmates effectively once its final tier is unlocked.

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Best Mechanic Talents and Specializations

The mechanic is one of the most important jobs in the vessel, as they will be the ones responsible for keeping the submarine running smoothly.

Overall, the best tier 1 and 2 talents for Mechanics are Ballast Denizen, Engine Engineer, Safety First, and Modular Repairs. The talents will allow you to hold your breath for 50% longer, increase your submarine’s max speed based on your level, and unlock the Safety Harness, and the Repair Pack respectively.

For specialization, focus on both Machinist and Scrapper, as they will increase your resource management ability and massively raise your repair capability.

- This article was updated on March 15th, 2023