How to Treat Husk Infection in Barotrauma

Deep down you know you should be worried about the thing chittering and moving about in your mouth. Yet, you feel oddly at peace.

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
Image: Daedalic Entertainment

Are you wondering how to treat Husk Infection in Barotrauma? A human or crawler character being infected by the Husk Infection can be devastating and have long-lasting implications for your playthrough, so it is essential to understand how the infection works and how to treat it. A single bite from a husked creature or an injection from the Calyx Extract is enough to infect a character, worsening as the infection strengthens.

How to Cure Husk Infection in Barotrauma

All of the following are ways to treat husk infection:

  • Calxanide: This is the best way to treat the Husk Infection, as it will heal up to the 100 Final Stage upon successful use and up to 60 in case of a failure within 1 second.
  • Broad-Spectrum Antibiotics: This will heal the Husk Infection up to 30 strength on successful use and up to 15 in case of a failure within 60 seconds of use.
    • You cannot use Broad-Spectrum Antibiotics for a Husk Infection of 75 strength or more.
    • The Husk Infection will continue to strengthen during the 60-second treatment time.
    • Broad-Spectrum Antibiotics will also provide 600-strength Husk Infection Resistance upon successful use or 300 upon failure. The resistance will drop every second until depleted.
      • This will also not reduce the chance of infection by Calyx Extract injections or bites.
  • Rum: Drinking rum will reduce the Husk Infection by a specific strength over some time. The best way to use Rum is the Health GUI because it ignores the item’s condition. You can do so by holding right-clicking and then using Rum in the health GUI. Doing so will reduce 48 strength from the Husk Infection if it is below 50.
  • Cheat Commands: You can heal a character of all inflictions like the Husk Infection by enabling cheat commands and using the code: heal [character name] [all]

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Here are the four Husk Infection stages based on its strength:

  • 0 – 50 Dormant Stage: The Husk Infection is hidden from the Health Scanner HUD until it reaches 20 strength. The Affliction icon is hidden from the health bar until it reaches 40 strength.
  • 50 – 75 Active Stage: The Husk Infection causes a 30% speech impediment by garbling radio chat and reducing the range of local chat.
  • 75 – 100 Transformed Stage: The Husk Infection causes additional effects like water breathing, pressure immunity, and inability to use chat/radio, adds a special infectious attack, and revives a character as a husk on death.
  • 100 Final Stage: The Hust Infection causes +6.3 Inter Damage per death until the character dies.

Note: The Husk Infection grows in strength every three seconds.

- This article was updated on March 14th, 2023